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Chapter Forty-Four

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ICU. "So, you beat up a lawyer. You slapped Jamal." "Stole your class." "They accept you?" "In a second." Ronnie is recapping the episode for Harry, since he's not near a computer and can't check out TWoP. ["That's no excuse, in my view." -- Sars] They smile at each other. Ronnie says, "Um…listen, I…said something to Steven behind your back. Actually, it was in front of you, but you were vegetative, so in the interests of honesty, I should probably say it while you're awake." He asks what. She says, "I love you. You're not required to say anything back, but…I didn't want to run the risk of you dying again, or me dying, without you knowing." "You love me?" "Yeah. So you think when you recover we could maybe start to date?" He says yeah. "I guess I caught you where you can't run away." "I'm not running anywhere." She kisses him. He flatlines. Kidding. Remember when that happened on Felicity? Ronnie says she's going to go home and change and come back. He says she should go home and get some sleep. She says she'd rather be there. He says he'll be fine. They kiss more. He flatlines. The doctors rush in. Kidding -- he's FINE. She says she'll be back, and goes. He sighs, happy he's not dead.

And I just want to say that it's been a crazy ride. And if I don't return as the regular recapper for the Boston Public next year, fear not; I'm sure someone really funny will take over. And also, remember -- old recappers never die, they just fade away. I'll be around. Heck, I still owe the site that recap of Lake Placid.

Next week: Key Grip sits around his apartment and tries to decide whether or not to order Chinese food; Key Grip goes for a walk in Central Park, and stops to check out the trippy Alice in Wonderland sculpture; Key Grip tries to find a reliable subletter for his apartment.

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