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Chapter Forty-Four

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The next day. Boston's spring sun belies the gravity of the day. And whatnot.

Scott enters a classroom full of teachers. No, really -- full of teachers, because they got a bunch of extras to play the rest of the teachers at Winslow High. He says, "Uh. First. Harry Senate remains in critical condition. It's a good sign that he survived the night, but doctors won't say they're optimistic. Harry has type O-negative blood, which there is a shortage of. We are setting up a volunteer blood bank in the infirmary; anyone wanting to be tested and contribute may, of course, do so. Second, rather than calling an assembly, we'd rather you give out the information during first period. You may devote as much time as you feel is needed. Mr. Senate is a very popular teacher, as you know, and this will hit the students very hard. Bob Lick will be available all day. If you see any of your students particularly struggling, please encourage them to see Mr. Lick. Louisa Finn will be in constant communication with the hospital; you can check in with her as the day progresses." In the crowd, Louisa nods, eager to provide everyone with exposition for a change. Scott concludes, "I'd like to meet here again at five o'clock for a status report. Your attendance is required. Lastly, I would ask that you all pray for Harry Senate. He, uh. He needs God's attention today."

The ICU. Steven sits by Harry's bed. Harry lies in bed, unconscious, as is customary in the ICU. Harvey enters, and Steven notes that he's supposed to be wearing a gown. "I put the gown on. They saw my legs, and made me change back." Steven tells Harvey that this isn't the right room to tell jokes in. What is he talking about? Hasn't he seen Patch Adams? Man, that movie made me so sick, I needed people to tell me all kinds of jokes afterwards. See what I did there? Anyway. Harvey goes on, "He was always kind to me. He gave me brain teasers every morning. He'd ask my name. The date. I'm going to miss him." Steven notes that Harry is not dead. Harvey puts on a yarmulke and begins to say the misheberach, a prayer on behalf of the sick. Steven asks what he said, and Harvey quips that he explained why he wasn't wearing the gown. He kisses Harry on the forehead, and goes.

Vice-office. Scott is attempting to reassign Harry's class to Ronnie, and she doesn't seem to be having it, suggesting that he send Dick Teachie instead. "He's good with students." She says it as though that's a quality unique to him among the teachers at Winslow, which, of course, it may be. "I'm not even a real teacher, for god's sake." Scott tells her that his gut says she's the best person to take over Harry's class, and his gut tends to be right. The Exposition Fairy comes in and says that Irish Cop is here to talk to Ronnie. Scott leaves with Louisa, and Detective Danby comes in. He says, "Look. We didn't find the weapon. He either hid or washed the clothes. And he's denying it. Before, you said he ran past you. And you figured it had to be Amaad Crenshaw. Now, he's got probable cause, and he's set for tomorrow, and unless we have more, he figures to walk." Ronnie wonders how this is possible, since he also committed the liquor store murder. Conveniently, however, the camera wasn't working at the store, and none of the six or seven people who witnessed the shooting can seem to recognize Amaad. Ronnie points out that Jamal said he did it, which, while hearsay, would be admissible because…blah blah blah…somehow, Ronnie spotting Amaad running out of the school (which itself is not conclusive of anything, but never mind that) is the only possible evidence that could keep Amaad from being immediately released. How interesting. Irish Cop needs to know if Ronnie saw his face. Ronnie pauses. Then she says, "I saw his face. It was Amaad Crenshaw." Danby says he'll need her to testify, and leaves. Ronnie stands there, torn between putting a brutal murderer in prison and letting him go free. Wait, I mean "and lying." But, really, what's the dilemma.

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