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Chapter Forty-Four

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Meanwhile, throughout the rest of the school, all kinds of things are going on. Well, a gospel performance is clearly audible in the background. But first, we see tons of students filling out forms and getting blood drawn in the infirmary. The camera tracks through this part of the set, then out in to the hallway and across into a classroom, where Marla and Marilyn are leading a room full of kids in the aforementioned gospel singing. Next door, Harvey is walking in circles around his classroom, wearing a yarmulke, and now also a talit, and davening. Look them up, people -- I'm not here to educate you. I'm just here to recap a show about teachers. Anyway, he's enlisted his students to say "amen" periodically. Dick Teachie is peering through the window, watching this, and Scott comes upon him. "Mr. Hansen?" Teachie asks what's going on in Harvey's room. "They appear to be praying for Mr. Senate. Is there a problem?" Teachie says no, and walks away. Ronnie flags down Scott, and asks him if he, or Steven, saw Amaad as he ran out of the school that night, and Scott says that as far as he knows, Ronnie's the only one who saw him, and sends her off to teach Harry's class. But now we know (bum bum bum) that her dilemma is solidified: she has to lie under oath to put Harry's attacker away.

Ronnie heads down to the Dungeon, but naturally the room is blocked off with police tape, and officers are putting items from the desk into bags and taking pictures of the scene. She heads back up the stairs.

ICU. Steven sits by Harry's bed, staring at him so intently that he triggers a flashback.

"He killed somebody, Harry!" We're in the Dungeon, and it's last season. Steven is yelling at Harry about Tyronn Anderson, and the fact that Harry kept quiet the fact that he was responsible for a gang shooting, for long enough for him to try to leave town. "Your word does not get prioritized over the safety of other people in this school!" Harry says he doesn't think it involved anyone else's safety, and Steven notes that "Marilyn almost got her head shot off!" Harry says that in his judgment, Tyronn did not pose a risk. For the rest of this scene, see the recap of Chapter Seventeen, because…

…at this point, Steven emerges from his flashback. "You live by the sword, Harry. It's time for you to wake up now. Dear God, I don't ask for much. Please, just let him wake up." Steven gets up and spots Brooke standing in the doorway. "Hi, Daddy." "Hey, baby." They hug, and cry. My favorite scenes with Brooke are the ones in which she says almost nothing.

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