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Chapter Forty-Four

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"I thought he was dead." Scott is relating the story to Lauren in the vice-office. "I think maybe he was. They just brought him back." Scott seems very inspired by the healing power of the doctors. Maybe he's about to give a speech about how, when he was a student, he had a biology teacher who talked like he knew Hippocrates. Instead, Lauren asks if Harry's going to wake up. "I don't know. You okay?" Lauren turns the question around, and Scott says he's fine, but wonders if he should address the teachers. "Word must be whipping around." "Everything is whipping very systemically thanks to Louisa's postings." All this talk of systematic whipping turns both their minds towards their growing affection for one another. Lauren praises Scott for the "incredible" and "amazing" job he's doing. "I mean, the fact that you've been organized…that doesn't really surprise anybody. But the way you…everyone feels in very sure, and compassionate, hands with you, Scott. Anyway. I've got class." He's all, "If you need anything…" She thanks him and goes…then stops: "Scott. Could we sleep together tonight? I'm sorry. It doesn't have to be sexual. But you said to turn to you and, the truth is, I don't want to sleep alone, tonight. I need…I don't want to sleep alone." Scott says, "Okay. Sleeping together would be fine." Lauren reiterates that it doesn't have to be sexual. Scott says he understands. She thanks him again, and goes. He says, "Awkward pause."

Jail cell. Ronnie returns. This time she has a bit of a nicer look on her face. Maybe she's sorry for smacking Jamal in the face. At any rate, she seems apologetic. She sits down next to Jamal and says, "When I talk to suspects in jail cells, I tend to speak to them as if they're criminals. I keep forgetting that…you're not a criminal. You didn't rob that liquor store, you didn't shoot that clerk, you didn't stab a teacher. You're sitting in this jail cell because your brother is a criminal. The irony…you and I sit here today because of Harry's influence. Without him, I would never be a teacher. And you wouldn't have been in the liquor store, celebrating your acceptance to Williams College." Um…how does she know that's what he was doing there? Never mind. Jamal asks if Harry is dead, and Ronnie says no, but he very well might be soon. "And so I'm feeling this incredible burden to honor not only his memory, but also his influence. I couldn't lie in court yesterday, because Harry, more than anything else, was [about] the truth. And to lie is to betray him. Even if that lie is to avenge his death. I need you -- no, check that, Harry needs you -- to live up to that influence now." Now I see why they had to make up the fact that Harry was all about the truth -- so that Ronnie could convince Jamal with this scene.

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