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Chapter Forty-One

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It's My Party, And I'll Bring A Twenty-Year-Old Former Student If I Want To

Previously on Boston Public: Lauren invited Scott to the symphony; Meredith was displeased with this turn of events; Harry became reacquainted with Dana "Slow-lita" Poole when she chose him as the subject of a school project; Scott tried to become headmaster of Exeter, only to learn that Steven's doubts about his readiness cost him the job; Scott fired Meredith and broke up with her in a neat double whammy; Ronnie and Harry hung out on the sidewalk, and she stroked his face, but he ran away.

Boston by night. A high-rise building. What Winslow teacher can possibly afford to live here?

Oh, it's Ronnie's apartment. The place is hopping with faculty, though, as Ronnie bustles around preparing a party. Marla wonders if "he's coming," and Dick Teachie wonders if "he suspects." Turns out Ronnie has arranged a little surprise party for Harry for his birthday, and has invited him under the pretext of giving him his gift. But it's late, and the troops are getting restless. Marla announces that she's starving, and Harvey has his head in the fridge (it is still attached to the rest of him, of course). Lauren points out that Harry bailed when she tried to do exactly this for him last year, and Ronnie throws crackers at Marla, who tells Ronnie she's a snippy host, earning her a reprimand from Steven. Oh dear god, is this going to be a tough recap. Is the whole episode going to be like this, with everyone just wandering around the room and saying random things? Ech.

Ding-dong. Whew. Rescued. Everyone crowds around the door as Ronnie flings it open. Everybody yells "surprise!" Oh, but guess who's really in for a surprise? That's right! All the people trying to surprise Harry! How ironic! You see, Harry is standing on the other side of the door, all right, but with him is…Slow-lita. Everyone stares for a second. Harry is all, "Wow. Um. Everybody, you remember Dana Poole." From the looks on everybody's faces, they do.

Later, everyone is gathered in a nook around the corner from the living room, talking about the situation in hushed tones. Scott seems outraged; Dick Teachie thinks Dana is cute. Harry pokes his head in and asks what's going on. Leave it to The Exposition Fairy: "We were just talking behind your back about you and Dana Poole." Harry explains that they ran into each other at Starbucks, and are just going to grab a bite to eat, and he didn't know this was a surprise party. "Can we buy that?" asks Dick Teachie. "I mean, does that work for everybody?" Heh.

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