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Chapter Forty-One

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It's My Party, And I'll Bring A Twenty-Year-Old Former Student If I Want To

Elsewhere at the party, Lauren has pulled Marla into another room, and she asks Marla if she's liked. Uh-oh. "Just tell me, please, because I am starting to develop a complex." Marla says, "Well, first of all, you're very liked by everybody." But? "But. Sometimes have a slight entitlement thing, barely noticeable. It's the way you make this little face. Like this. It's like, sometimes, you come off, slightly I'm saying, as superior. And your hair. It's the way it's so perfect every day. But that's it: the way you hold yourself out, and I'm still talking slight here, as perfect, well, some of us are put off by it." Lauren looks at Marla like she's crazy. Which she is, but she's not wrong. "And that's another itty bitty little thing you do. Shoot back the 'you're crazy' look. It's hard enough doing the job we do. We shouldn't have to put up with 'you're crazy' looks from Little Miss Perfect, walking around all day making the face. You know something, Lauren? You're not perfect, so get over yourself, okay? You have flaws just like the rest of us. And we are sick and tired of your mother nun superiority things with the perfect, perfect hair! We're tired of it! So just knock it off!" Marla walks out. First of all, I could see where that monologue was going from the very beginning, though that didn't really diminish my enjoyment of it. Secondly, didn't Marla say this exact thing to Lauren WEEKS ago? So why did Lauren need to ask? Why is she surprised by the answer? Why did she ask Marla, instead of someone who she doesn't already know has a problem with her? Whatever. Still, it's nice that the show is acknowledging how annoying Lauren turned out to be, instead of being the appealing leading lady she was clearly meant to be when the show began, which is why she's been totally sidelined this season in favor of Ronnie. Maybe they figure they need to air and solve her personality issues to bring her back to center stage. Good theory.

In the kitchen, Harry finds Ronnie, and asks her what gives. "Of all the people to pounce on me…" She is incredulous at his obliviousness, but tries to explain. "I've kind of put myself out there. For you. Lately." "You have?" "Oh, come on. When you walked me home that night? You practically ran when I touched your face, and I figured…if there's somebody else, there's somebody else. So I invite you out for your birthday, and I cook you this dinner, and you show up with a twenty-year-old former student. And that's your right. But it's my right to feel like the world's biggest idiot, okay, so just let me do the dishes." Harry says okay, and walks away. Ronnie makes a noise like she can't believe him. Obviously, he hasn't learned woman-code. "Go away and let me do the dishes" means "stay here, apologize for everything you've done wrong, and help me do the dishes."

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