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Chapter Forty-One

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It's My Party, And I'll Bring A Twenty-Year-Old Former Student If I Want To

On the couch, Scott tries to tell Lauren that he doesn't have a problem with her personality. She snaps at him, and then apologizes for it. "Do you think I have an entitlement problem?" Scott says that she demands high standards of herself and others, and that he admires her for that.

Elsewhere, Dana is mad at Harry for lying about running into her. He explains that he didn't want to go into his personal life, and she says that's not okay, because she's humiliated.

Elsewhere, Marla tries to get Steven to dance. He tells her that he doesn't want to dance, and the force of his yell magically silences the music to which other people are dancing. Steven apologizes. Scott tells him that he owes Meredith an apology, as she has not come in off the terrace since she heard him call her a psychopath. Marla overhears this, apparently being sensitive to that particular epithet, and Steven agrees to go apologize.

Only…Meredith isn't out on the terrace. Scott ducks back inside, and asks if anyone saw her come back in. No one did. Scott and Steven panic a little, and each suggests that the other check over the edge of the balcony. The others file out onto the terrace behind them. Fearfully, they lean out over the edge to check together…

Later, everyone is still standing on the balcony. They don't see a body on the street below. Then, Meredith comes out onto the terrace with the standard "What's everybody looking at?" Which, by the way, was done much better in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. ("I thought I'd lost you, boy!") Anyway, Dick Teachie notes that the party has now picked up, and Scott approaches Meredith: "A lot of terrible things have been said to night. Let's just try to forget them and have a good time." Meredith says she realizes she's not welcome (shocker), and that she's leaving. Ronnie looks vaguely guilty.

Scott follows Meredith out into the hall, to the elevator. "Why did you come here tonight, truthfully?" After dodging, she finally answers for real. "I miss being part of a society, no matter how unpopular I was in it. The way we ended, you were so angry…where there's emotion, I guess I always felt there's hope." Scott says he doesn't foresee "getting back," and Meredith says that this is because she reflects poorly on him, and makes it less likely that he'll achieve his life's ambition: to become principal. Blah blah he was ridiculed as a child, and "you're not about to be with a woman who occasions that beam of ridicule to light you up again." Then she gets on the elevator and delivers her parting shot: "Take a good look, Scott. I may be the last woman who ever loves you." Ha ha, that's where she's wrong. I know of dozens.

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