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Chapter Forty-One

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It's My Party, And I'll Bring A Twenty-Year-Old Former Student If I Want To

Scott heads back inside, where DaveKelley's Child is singing "It's A Thin Line Between Love And Hate." Scott slams the piano shut, nearly severing The Exposition Fairy's hands, and announces to the room, "Whether or not you like Meredith Peters, and clearly none of you do, there is no excuse for the kind of hostility she was subjected to." Then he lists all the mean things they each did, some of which we didn't see, i.e. "The deliberate passing of food clockwise so she'd have to take the plates with her prosthetic…" Heh. Everyone looks mortified, kind of. Lauren just looks annoyed. Harry looks bored. Dick Teachie looks confused. Actually, I take that back; no one looks mortified. When Scott is done and storms out, Slow-lita thinks it's a good time to say, "Can I ask a question? What is wrong with you people!? I mean, this is a birthday party! You're all friends, and this is how you act?" Now everyone looks mortified. Except Ronnie, who rolls her eyes. Slow-lita goes on about how she wants to be a teacher, because "you seem to live great lives." Huh? What about all the horrible questions she was asking Harry last week? Whatever. Blah blah blah you-get-to-do-work-that-matters-cakes. Now it's time for Marla to give a big speech. She talks about how it's a myth that teachers are all friends with each other, and in fact they bug each other, and have social skills so atrophied that "we can't even get along at a lousy birthday party!" She closes with, "At least we have always been together. Though I guess that's about to change." This last is accompanied by a pointed look at Steven. But, um: huh? I mean, they haven't "always" been together. Ronnie and Dick Teachie signed on this year. Harry was new, or newly returned, last year, as I recall. Milton and Kevin got canned. What is she talking about? Meanwhile, Slow-lita is heading for the door, and Harry follows her out, offering to drive her. Also, Harvey appears to be videotaping everything now. He says, "Does this mean the party's over?"

By the elevator, Harry tries to convince Dana to stay. She's all, "I don't know what's going on in that room, but stuff needs to be worked out." She says "out" like a Canadian. ("I moved here from Canada, so they think I'm slow, eh?") Ronnie follows them out, and apologizes to Slow-lita: "I was rude." "Yeah, you were." "Please understand, it had nothing to do with you." "I know that, Ronnie. You don't even know me." Then she's gone. Oh well. A two-episode arc isn't so bad for a character I was certain that the show was done with. Ronnie and Harry are thus left alone in the hallway. "I deserved that." "Totally."

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