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Chapter Forty-One

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It's My Party, And I'll Bring A Twenty-Year-Old Former Student If I Want To

Meanwhile, back inside, Scott is laying into Steven about how Marla's name being on the replacement list is "a joke. A damn joke. And a personal insult to me. I practically run this school now!" Then he elicits a vote from those in the room, regarding who they would prefer as principal: Scott or Marla. Oh, dear. Luckily, Dick Teachie gets up and does something even more inadvisable. "Come on," he says, "he had to put her on the list, and we all know why." Uh-oh. "Okay. How do I put this delicately. She's black." Steven remains calm, kind of, and requests clarification of that statement. Teachie actually explains it eloquently. "You're a black professional in a powerful leadership role. You can't tell me that you wouldn't be under some duress from the black community if you didn't select another black leader to take your place. And Marla, she's the most senior black faculty member of the school. For you not to put her up? Come on. You can't tell me you wouldn't feel some heat." Awkward pause. "What? Am I gonna lose my job now, or are you gonna fire me from the party?" Steven goes all gravel-voice and tells Teachie not to ever insult his integrity again, that if he does it at school he'll be fired, and "do it in the parking lot, and you'll get worse." Everyone is rather quiet after that.

It's still night in Boston.

DaveKelley's Child is singing some song. Harvey is showing Harry and Ronnie his video of Steven threatening to beat up Dick Teachie. "I'm going to score that with some music. It'll be very powerful." Steven, meanwhile, is looking for Scott, and heads out to the terrace. Harry and Ronnie head into the kitchen, and she's still miffed that he's avoiding the main issue. "I admit that I'm interested. Do you have any idea how difficult that is for me to do? I just…I just want to hear you tell me that you're not interested." Harry says that if he were interested, he would have acted on it, and she says that's not true, because he's too afraid of himself; he'd rather date a risk-free twenty-year-old than take the chance with a real woman who could "slow you down out of that dead run you live in." Harry asks, justifiably, why the hell she's so interested if he's so awful. She says it's because she lives on the run, too, and wants someone who can slow her down. "Do you even have a response?" He says, "Awkward pause." "Look at you. With your students you have so much compassion, but for yourself? You can't even feel." She tries to walk away. He says, "I can feel."

Meanwhile, Harvey is videotaping Lauren, and asks her to smile, and bugs her until she walks away.

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