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Chapter Forty-Two

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Dark Side of the Prom

Previously on Boston Public: Harvey discovered that Steven was applying for a new job, and recommended Marla to replace him; Steven assured Scott he was on the list, too; Ronnie tried to gauge Harry's level of interest; Steven told Scott he didn't know who Scott Guber the man was; Lauren asked Scott to dance; Ronnie learned that her student Natalie was homeless, and wrote a check to cover two months' rent to get her a place; Natalie told Ronnie she was her role model.

Lauren and Marilyn head into the grand ballroom where the prom is going to be held. The theme appears to be "Over the Rainbow," and Lauren has decked the place out in all manner of Oz-related decorations -- no, not the experimental wing where prisoners interact freely (though, as the ads on the subway attest, incidentally, murder is an interaction). Marilyn notes that the witch appears to have been having sex with a munchkin when the house landed on her, and sure enough, munchkin legs are sticking out from under the house, too. Also, Dorothy's head appears to have been severed with an ax, and someone has painted "This Prom Sucks" on the wall. Lauren says, "Oh my!" Marilyn says, "I guess we're not in…" I can't. I can't write it out, okay?

Hey, David Alan Grier is guest-starring in this episode. Cool.

In a luxurious bedroom of some kind, Ronnie is helping Home-lita get ready for the prom, giving her jewelry to try on and asking about the dress. The alterations aren't done yet, apparently. Home-lita asks if, when the big night arrives, they can do hair and make-up at Ronnie's place, because "I'd kinda rather Jason pick me up here than at the motel." Ronnie points out that Jason likes Natalie for herself, so he isn't going to care where she lives. Natalie blushes.

The usual jerky shots of the school, and of students walking the halls, are dutifully provided by the second unit director. Instead of phat beats, though, they're accompanied by the Wicked Witch of the West music.

Vice-office. Scott, with a flying monkey hovering over his shoulder…oh, wait, that's Lauren…is grilling a student about his involvement in the prom vandalization. He shows the kid a credit card receipt with his signature on it for the purchase of two cans of black spray paint, a pint of red latex paint, and one pair of blue tights. Apparently, the kid, whose name is Mr. Paul, left the receipt behind with his paint cans. "If there's one thing worse than a vandal, Mr. Paul, it's a stupid, careless vandal." Scott orders Mr. Paul to fix the decorations, and bans him from the prom. "I can't go to the prom!?" Wow, that sounded really convincing. No, seriously -- he seems really upset. Which, of course, he should be, right? Right? "Now be gone, before someone drops a house on you." He's gone. Scott tells Lauren that, if she needs any extra help, she should just ask. She thanks him and starts to leave. He says, "Lauren?" She stops. He half stands up, and just kind of works his mouth soundlessly. She looks at him curiously. Then he offers to assign custodial staff, "if Jason can't get it done alone." Lauren says okay, and leaves. Scott sighs and sits back down. Wait, Mr. Paul's first name is Jason? Hmmmmmmmmmm…

Delineation Alley. The Exposition Fairy is griping at Marilyn because it seems she's been asked to sing a solo at the prom, which I guess goes against the sororal mission of DaveKelley's Child. Marilyn says, sensibly, "The prom committee asked me. What was I supposed to do? Also, 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' is not exactly a group song." Louisa pouts, "No, apparently it's a diva song." Meanwhile, a crowd of boys is gathered at the foot of the stairs. Up on the first landing, a couple of girls are posing and holding court in some way. "Okay, guys, we'll start at a hundred." The deal is, one girl is being auctioned off as a prom date, while her friend acts as auctioneer. "Come on, guys, get real, we're talking 35-22-34, let's get real!" Those are so not the girl's measurements, but whatever. Marilyn and Louisa object to the proceedings, but the girls point out that it's nothing illegal, and meanwhile the bids have gone up to four hundred dollars.

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