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Chapter Forty-Two

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Dark Side of the Prom

Teacher's lounge. Dick Teachie tells Marilyn that "word is, your boy Matthew Carlson is looking to lose his virginity status." Marla's here too: "Boy didn't plop down five hundred dollars to discuss the Enron situation. Stupid Wizard of Oz theme to make it look all nice. The boys are gonna be comin' as Tin Men, then girls are gonna be reachin' for the oil can." Meanwhile, David Alan Grier comes into the lounge. "Marla. Remember me?" "Vaguely. What are you doing here?" "Your colleague Harvey Lipschultz contacted me, so I thought I should come set the record straight. My ex-wife is occasionally a bitch, but she is not, nor ever has been, the size of a ship." Marla tells him to go away, but he asks if he can take her somewhere to talk.

In the hallway, Ronnie has just delivered the good news of the ban being lifted to Jason, but he doesn't seem too pleased. "I think I'll skip the prom. I don't wanna do a week of detention." Ronnie asks about Natalie, who's counting on this, and Jason gets all revelatory, and lowers his voice. "Can this stay between me and you? 'Cause I'm really not proud of this. But me askin' Natalie to the prom…it was a joke. A couple of my friends thought it would be funny if we each asked a freak. We put money on it, a hundred bucks for whoever shows up with the biggest loser." Ronnie is incensed, and asks what other girls were the victims of this; Jason says, "None, actually, all my friends chickened out. I'm the only one who asked anybody." The weird thing is, Natalie's pretty smart and hot and sweet for a freak/loser, but whatever. The whole vandalism thing was a plan to get himself banned from the prom, because he didn't want to hurt Natalie's feelings. Ronnie tells Jason to beat it, which is no doubt what he'll be doing for many prom nights to come. Ronnie rounds the corner to find Robin closing his locker, on which someone has spray-painted "Die Faggot." "Can't they just email me?" he says. Ronnie asks if he knows who did it, and he says no.

Marla's room. Lawrence Williams seems to be relating his entire life history to Marla. By the way, how on earth did Harvey find someone named "Lawrence Williams" so fast? I bet there's only one in the Boston area. "Marla, can I ask you something? When we broke up, can you even remember what the fight was about?" Marla says no, but that she remembers Lawrence took another girl. "And you're still mad? Twenty-five years later?" Marla asks again why he's here, and he says, "Well, I'm single. I'm told that you're single. And that you're chaperoning this prom, and I thought: twenty-five years or not, if I ever had the chance to take you to the prom again, I shouldn't pass it up." Marla giggles. Lawrence laughs. She says she'll have to think about it. Lawrence starts to go, and then says, "Marla, I am so sorry about, you know…your brain tumor. Mr. Lipschultz told me." Marla is understandably miffed. "Is that why you came back? To give a thrill to a dying woman?" Lawrence says no, but what else is he gonna say. "Well, let me tell you something, Lawrence. I don't have a brain tumor, but I do have pride. Get your ass out of this building, and don't call me. Ever!" Lawrence goes.

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