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Chapter Forty-Two

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Dark Side of the Prom

Ah, the phat beats are back. Good.

"We didn't do it!" Harry has gathered all the popular kids together in the hallway, and is asking them what they know about the threats to Transgendered Yoda. They insists they'd never send threatening letters or anything, even though they oppose his campaign for prom queen. Nor do they know who did. "You have a bigger history of violence than us, Mr. Senate." Harry does not find this amusing, but he seems to believe their denials.

Vice-office. Now for a random scene, spurred by nothing, leading to nothing, dropped into the episode totally at random: Steven comes into Scott's office, and apologizes for saying the week before that he didn't know who Scott Guber the man was, and Scott says that the problem with being vice-principal is that people confuse the man with the job. Steven says he knows that, and Scott's all, "No, I don't think you do." "Are we okay?" "We're fine." But it doesn't sound like they're fine.

"A brain tumor!?" Marla, in her classroom, incredulously demands that Harvey explain himself. "I thought I'd appeal to his compassion! Marla, look, sometimes romance…it's about an illusion!" Marla is angry, but Harvey explains that, when she spoke about Lawrence, it sounded like she still had feelings, and that when he spoke to Lawrence, it sounded like Lawrence still had feelings too. Marla repeats that "the only reason he came back is because he thinks I have a brain tumor." Mainly, she repeats this so that Lawrence can hear it on his way into the room at precisely this moment, so that he can say, "That isn't true. Look, Marla, everybody has that one. The one we wonder about. The one person who we wonder, did I let the right one get away? You're that one!" Marla says she's not one to go back in time, and Lawrence says, "Too bad!" And shoves her into his time machine. Then they begin a fabulous adventure, righting the wrongs of history! Next week on Marla and Lawrence Williams: Time Rescue Squad 972! Oh, wait, no, he says, "How 'bout going forward then? What's to lose?"

Stairwell Of Depressed Sitting Conversations. Natalie and Ronnie are sitting there, depressed. "He told you everything?" "Yeah. I feel so stupid." Ronnie points out that Jason doesn't really know Natalie. "This is a reflection on him, not you." Natalie is more concerned with the fact that everyone thinks she's a freak, and how's she going to face them? Ronnie suggests that Natalie go to the prom anyway: "Given what's happened, you're going to remember this night for a long time. So you can either remember it as the night you sat home, hating the world. Or, you can remember it as the night you said to hell with them, and went anyway." Motel-lita doesn't look convinced: "Hating sounds good." Ronnie tries another tactic: "You once said you'd like to be like me. Did you mean it? I'd go." Natalie's all, "I said I'd like to be like you. I don't have your courage." She doesn't think she's going to go. That way, she can surprise us after the last commercial break.

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