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Chapter Forty-Two

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Dark Side of the Prom

Sanctum. Scott is asking Steven's advice on how to ask Lauren to the prom. "It's easy. You just say, 'Lauren, would you like an escort?'" Scott reminds Steven, and us, that last year she accused him of sexual harassment (which isn't really true; someone else characterized it that way, but Lauren never did), so he's on dangerous ground. "Well, what makes you think that she'd even want to go to the prom with you? Not that any woman wouldn't." Scott explains the connection he felt with her at Harry's party, and even does an impersonation of Lauren asking him to dance. Steven chuckles, and urges him to "keep it simple. And don't do that voice thing." What voice thing? "You know, like you're doing Shakespeare." I don't do that! "Fine. Then keep not doing it when you ask her." Heh.

The Dungeon. Harry is reading printed emails that Transgenderino seems to have given him to look at, reluctantly. He admits to getting email like this every "once in a while. No one's gonna Matthew Shepard me, it's not cool." Harry tries to make Robin understand the level of hatred out there: "In some states, gay couples can't even adopt children. Now, you might think the world has changed, but it hasn't changed enough, let me tell you, and…I don't want to see you end up as some TV movie of the week." Robin retorts that he's doing this because the world hasn't changed enough, and notes that there are politicians, movie stars, powerful people still in the closet because they're afraid to come out. "Well, if you win, don't confuse ridicule for acceptance." Robin says, "If I don't walk down that plank, who's gonna walk it for me?"

The hallway, Ronnie, Marla, and Marilyn walk down the hall debating the evils of the prom, which are legion. Ronnie concludes, "I think the dark side of the prom greatly outweighs the happy memories. I can totally see why some schools no longer have them. I say ban the prom. I'm on board." Meanwhile, Scott flags down Lauren, trying his best to keep his voice normal, but it still sounds kind of resonant and Shakespearean. He engages her in some small talk about the prom decorations, and then gets down to business. "I'm going. And you're going, too, of course. Listen, um. Since I'm going, and you're going, and parking threatens to be…what if we go together?" Lauren's all, "To the…parking?" BWA HA HA! Lauren was funny! Then she asks if he's asking her on a date, and he flounders, and then she says, "I'd love that." And he says great. Then he faints, and crashes to the floor.

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