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Chapter Forty-Two

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Dark Side of the Prom

Boston by night.

"How the hell do you faint?" Steven is asking Scott a reasonable question. He says he doesn't know, but that he could use Steven's support. "I'm afraid I could go down for the count again." Steven wants to know what it is about Lauren, finally, that's so great. Scott's all, "Well. Though Meredith was certainly an attractive woman, I don't think I've ever been on a date before with a stunning beauty." Just then, The Shoe Lady comes in. No, really, I'm serious. "Smell that slipper! It's not enough that you people try to put on a gay smutty play." "Try" being the operative word; I guess they never actually performed it. "Now you're nominating drag queen transvestites to be prom queen." Steven decides to try a totally new tactic, and says that all the outrageous things that happen at the school have just been pretext. "A pretext for what?" "For you. Oh yeah. You know ever since the first time I laid eyes on you, I've been trying to get in a room with you any way I can. You are so sexy, I can't stand it. Look at you. The way you smell. Your skin. Your delicate tender face -- Mrs. Parks, I want you. I'm gonna make you my woman." Scott is cracking up in the background. The Shoe Lady says, "Smell it! I know sarcasm when I hear it! That was fa-ce-tious AND –ness. Smell that slipper! I'm going to the school board, that's what I'm gonna do. We don't need a smutty principal who engages in smutty sex talk." She leaves. Scott tells Steven he doesn't know if that was wise. "I don't care. I'm sick of that woman." Hey, ME TOO. I used to like her and then YOU RUINED HER, YOU STUPID SHOW! Anyway, Lauren comes in looking swanky, and Steven holds Scott up by his arm. Pleasantries are exchanged, and Scott and Lauren walk off arm-in-arm.

Phat beats happen at the prom, too, as students get out of limos and wave to each other near fountains. A dorky guy poses with the hot date he bought.

Inside, DaveKelley's Child is singing. Lawrence Williams watches Marla with a big smile on his face. Ronnie and Harry appear to be there together, and remark on the singing group's great talent. They've also once again created the illusion that he is taller than her. Then Harry remarks, "Well, so much for you being the fairest one at the ball." He says this because Robin has just entered, in a really nice dress. Another student wishes him luck, and he wishes it back. He approaches Harry and Ronnie, "You have to vote. I'm told the faculty can vote." Ronnie tells him that she has that dress, and it looks better on him.

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