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Chapter Four

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In which Fyvush Finkel says, "Beedle-deedle-deedle-dee"

The stairwell. Lauren finds John LaBlonde sitting alone. "I'm still working on him," she says, meaning Principal Hard-Ass. John wants to know if the Magnet Club ever accepts applications without the Principal's endorsement, and she says no. Um, I wonder if there's, oh, any other scholarships in the nation he might apply for? Perhaps thousands of them? Anyway, Lauren says, "A month ago I was telling Jason Harrelson life is more than football. It's also more than academics. And I know how disappointed you are, but I think..." John says, "I'm in love with you." Then he says, "Awkward pause. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say that. I'm so sorry. Awkward pause." Lauren says she doesn't know how to respond, and John says she doesn't have to, and he isn't expecting her to, and it just kind of came out. He's sweet; a nice kid. I hope nothing bad happens to him at the end of the episode. "I see a shrink, you know," says John, "and I talk about it with him." Lauren asks what the shrink says. Nosy bitch. "That I find safety with you," says John, "Security. That it's not all that uncommon." Lauren looks like she, too, is ready to say something about security, only louder, but instead she offers, "You know, I had a crush." John says, "It's not a crush, Ms. Davis, I'm in love with you." She says she's very flattered. John's all, "He says the depth of the attraction usually coincides with how vulnerable I feel on other stuff. I guess, losing the Magnet Club Award...makes sense." Lauren agrees. John asks if he can put his head on her shoulder. Lauren lets him. This was a very, very good scene. Poor John LaBlonde.

Commercials. I don't care how many times they zoom in on Jessica Alba's forlorn features, I will not watch Dark Angel.

Steve's Office. Peter Nelson is getting tag-teamed, and it's not by Susan Potter and Dana Poole if that's what you were thinking. No, instead it's Steven and Anthony Heald, pulling the exact same good-cop bad-cop routine they did with the soccer team. I guess it's a well-honed strategy with them, which is kind of neat. "You're in a bit of a situation here, Mr. Nelson. There are some things you know, some things you don't. You know, for example, what you did with Ms. Potter, you know the arrangement you two worked out. What you don't know is what Ms. Potter finally came to admit to us a few short minutes ago. You have a decision to make, don't you, Mr. Nelson." Peter shakes his head and closes his eyes. Bus-ted! "Son," says Steven, "corrupting the school government is serious. A conspiracy to throw an election? Worse. Now you do not want to be compounding your guilt here with a lie. Trust me on that." Peter admits to everything. "Son, what were you thinking?" says Steven. Peter's all, "That it was my lucky day! Have you seen Susan Potter?" Heh.

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