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Chapter Four

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In which Fyvush Finkel says, "Beedle-deedle-deedle-dee"

Never mind, because Steven enters a hospital. They do this as often as they can, so we're reminded how much this show is like ER. Steven finds Mr. and Mrs. LaBlonde in the waiting room, and asks what happened. They tell him. Actually, just Mr. LaBlonde tells him: "I found him, in his room, unconscious. He took some pills." Steven wants to know where he is, and the doctors, it turns out, are working on him. They're pumping his stomach and trying to get a pulse. Then, livid -- probably at himself, really, for the years of torment he put his poor son through, but directing it at Steven -- he says, "You know why this happened." Mrs. LaBlonde shakes her head and says, "Joseph." A doctor comes out and calls the LaBlondes over to him. We can hear him saying he's sorry, and we see John's parents fall into each other's arms, weeping. Lauren comes in and sees this, and see Steven sitting, helpless, in a chair. No one says anything.

Can I just say? I may be misty-eyed right now, but that was a cheap fucking shot.

Next week, or, um, you know, tonight (sorry): a freshman girl needs advice on contraception; Lauren tells Steven about a club of thirty-two guys who try to sleep with young girls called "The Posse"; Slow-lita tells Harry Senate about the scoring system the club uses; Lauren asks Anthony Heald over for Thanksgiving; Harry breaks up a fight; Steven declares that not everything is his fault. Um, there's a club of billions of guys who try to sleep with young girls. It's called "Guys."

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