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Chapter Nineteen

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Fyvush on why a student riots: "Because he's black."

“I didn’t threaten to kill her.” In Scott’s office, Anthony Ward is pleading his case, one Anthony to another. “You said she’d regret turning you down, what did you mean by that?” Anthony says. “That she’d be sorry. You know, when I’m rich and famous, and therefore handsome.” Scott is not persuaded, and says that’s not how Anxious Girl took it. Anthony says, “Well that was my intent. I can’t be responsible for other people’s inferences, can I?” Scott’s all, “Yes, you can, when you keep a hit list.” Anthony says that she’s not on it, and Scott asks if she is now, and Anthony looks down. Then they bark at each other some more until Scott says, “I’m speaking now, sir. Son…” Anthony says, “Which is it? Sir or son? I’m confused.” Then there is a lull, during which the tension drains out of the room, and Scott remembers that he sees Anthony more or less as a younger version of himself. “Anthony, help me out here. It’s the only way can help you. Please.” Anthony looks down again, and when he looks back up, he’s cut out the facetiousness. “I don’t like to feel sorry for myself, Mr. Guber. And I don’t like other people feeling sorry for me either. After she turned me down, she looked at me, like…” Scott says, “Like what?” as visions of Lauren Davis dance in his head. “Like she pitied me. Like I was…I don’t want to be pitied by anybody, so I guess I just…I wanted to look stronger than I guess I am. You think it’s easy for me to ask a girl out?” Scott looks at Anthony, and says, “So. You threatened her to avoid being pitied.” And he looks at Anthony with a look of immense pity, which would be sweet if not for EVERYTHING ANTHONY WARD JUST SAID.

Commercials. You ask a lot of your body. But Gatorade won’t help it recover from watching Boston Public. Man, though, these new Old Navy boogie-oogie commercials sure help make up for it.

In Steven’s office, Scott is trying to convince Steve that Anthony Ward is not dangerous, and apparently this position is supported by “Big B…Bob Lick.” Steven wants to notify the police, but Scott doesn’t want Anthony arrested, which is what that would mean in “today’s atmosphere.” Instead, Scott would like to talk to Anthony’s parents, and to Sally’s parents (that’s Anxious Girl’s secret identity name), and also have Harry talk to Anthony. Steven gets all incredulous. “Harry!?” Scott says, “He has a way, Steven, let’s face it. He gets through to these kids.” Hmm. But isn’t Steven, like, Harry’s biggest supporter, and isn’t Steven’s ability to appreciate Harry’s “way” the only reason Harry hasn’t been fired in every episode of the show so far? I guess Scott is much happier with Harry since the big break-up with Lauren. Anyhow, Steven rubs his big bald head while Scott sputters more about how he doesn’t want to lose Anthony. “And I don’t want to lose anybody else,” says Steven.

In the infirmary, Anxious Boy is buttoning up his shirt, but a large purple bruise is still visible on his chest. “It’s nothing,” he’s saying to Marilyn, “it’s just a bruise.” Obviously, the nurse thinks that the kid is being beaten by his mother. So then why did we just see her say that the anxiety attacks aren’t about anything serious? Or was she just saying that the attacks themselves aren’t anything serious? That’s great medicine. (“Mr. Johnson, the headaches aren’t anything serious. The giant brain tumor that causes them -- hoo-boy, now that’s a problem.”) Marilyn asks how Anxious Boy incurred the bruise, and he says he got hit by an elbow while playing basketball at home with some friends. “Look, can I go to class now. I’ve got trig.” Marilyn says he should wait for his mother, and he freaks out when he hears that they called her: “It’s just a bruise!” Marilyn says, “She was called about the anxiety attack. Your mother needs to know you’re okay.” Hearing the magic words "needs to know," The Exposition Fairy flutters into the room: “Jeremy’s mom is here.” Then she leaves. Hey, remember when they tried to give her a story-line of her own? BWA HA HA HAA! Jeremy’s mom is really creepy. Marilyn introduces herself as “one of Jeremy’s teachers,” and I’m hoping she’ll add, “He threw up on my feet today. SMELL THAT SHOE!” But she doesn’t. Instead, she just mentions the anxiety attack: “As best as I can tell, he thought you might be upset that he got a B+.” Jeremy’s mom looks at him, and then hesitates every so slightly before assuring him that she’s sure he tried his best. During that pause, she probably was calculating whether or not she could get away with whacking her son with a brick with Marilyn standing right there, and decided she couldn’t. Marilyn looks uncomfortable for a moment, and then asks Anxious Boy to open his shirt so she can show Mrs. Peters the giant bruise. Jeremy’s mom is all, “Oh, I think you got that on your scooter, didn’t you honey?” Ms. Souter, being an idiot, says, “He said he got it playing basketball.” Covering with remarkable skill, almost as though she previous experience with lying about her son’s injuries, Jeremy’s mom says, “Oh, well, I’m sure he just didn’t want to sound clumsy.” Then she pets his hair like he’s a favorite pet, and places a hand possessively on his shoulder. Marilyn tries not to look freaked out, and fails.

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