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Chapter Six

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During which Fyvush Finkel intones, "She beats those kids for pleasure!"

"What do you mean sexual?" We're in the office, and Anthony Heald is asking Harvey to explain his new discovery about Mrs. Walsh. "She asked me out for coffee. Said she'd bring her paddle. She said I'd like it, and that her late husband couldn't get enough of it." We were, of course, THERE when she said all of these things, but there's time to fill, so who cares? "Scott," Harvey concludes, "she's a pervert. She beats those kids for pleasure!" Anthony Heald ponders this, thinking, "I do get off on discipline myself, and I did like looking at that girl's bruised hip, but now things have gone too far!"

Teacher's lounger. Marla's bare foot sticks out, as she asks Milton Buttle, "Does this look swollen to you?" For some reason, he adopts this faux-accent and says, "Don't be stickin' your foot at me." He almost, I believe, tags "girlfriend" onto the end of that, but doesn't. Harvey complains about the smell. Steven comes in and asks Marla is she's familiar with the Supreme Court ruling on school prayer. Marla says, "The Supreme Court can kiss my ass." Yeah, nice, that's what I say each morning, as I begin a long day of censoring newspapers, denying abortions to rape victims, and burning crosses on the lawns of those different from me. The Supreme Court rocks, Marla, so shut the fuck up. Steven says, "The ass on the line here, Marla, is yours." Which kind of makes no sense, because she was already talking about her own ass, and how they should kiss it, was she not?

Anyway, she makes another crass remark about the most respected institution of our government, and makes a series of weak arguments in favor of allowing prayer in schools. She blames drugs and shootings on atheism, which seems awfully pat and narrow-minded to me, and then she says, "When you tell kids they can't pray in school, you're basically telling them they can't have prayer in their life, because school is their life." Yes, except for every weekday after 3:30 p.m., and weekends, and holidays, and vacations. And, also, individual kids can pray wherever and whenever they want. It's organized, school-endorsed prayer that's against the law. But we knew that, because we're well-informed and educated. She keeps talking and talking, interrupting Steven until he says, "Shut up! I got enough on me without…the kids want to pray? Let 'em. But you? Stay the hell out of it!" He storms out.

Steven's office. He storms in. Marilyn follows him, because now is a good time to rub it in that she won't go out with him. "I'm sorry for asking you out," he says. Marilyn says she's not comfortable dating the principal of the school, and agrees that it's inappropriate. "I guess…Tim's death, and I…life can be so short, and…" "Lonely," finishes Marilyn. That's a nice thing to say after rejecting someone: "I mean, I'm lonely and everything, but I'd rather be alone than go out with you." Marilyn asks Steven if he's taken some time to grieve for Tim, and he says he hasn't. She nods sagely and tells him to take the time. What, is she a psychiatrist now? Everyone on this show used to be lawyers, now they're all doctors.

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