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Chapter Six

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During which Fyvush Finkel intones, "She beats those kids for pleasure!"

A mailbox. Actually, we're outside, where Harry is walking Lauren home. We know this because she says, "You really didn't have to walk me home." Yeah, doesn't one of them have a car? Harry says he's just worried about her, and she says, "I feel like quitting. I've never, ever felt like quitting before." Harry says there's good days and bad days, and that's the way it goes, crumpling up the fortune cookie paper in his palm so she won't see it. Lauren says, "How did it make you feel when George Howe got up there and called us all useless?" Lousy, says Harry. Something about the word "lousy" apparently makes him think about his sex life, because he reaches out at this point and strokes Lauren's hair. You know, she really is very pretty. Jessalyn Gilsig has nice features and really striking eyes. I'm not going all Scott Guber or anything, but I can understand why Harry's stroking her hair. She says something about the cold ("It's cold."), and they keep walking.

Commercials. I need some coffee. This is no way to spend a Sunday morning.

Steven's office. He sits pensively at his desk. The Exposition Fairy comes in and says, "Did you ever go home?" Heck, she's The Exposition Fairy. If she doesn't know, who does? Luckily for her credibility, she has some exposition for us, too, and she sprinkles it over the scene like a fine magic dust: "Vicki McMann and some doctor are here to see you." So they are, and they come in, at which point, for some reason, The Fairy asks, "What'd you decide on Webster Henderson?" Why now? That was weird. Anyway, she leaves, and Vickie says, "Steven, thank you. This is Dr. Dennis Lipton." Oh, sure, I'll just bet. But this guy is apparently the real thing: he was Tim The Math Teacher's psychiatrist. "I went to see him last night, where I mentioned why I left Tim, and…I…" Can we see where this is going? She turns helplessly to the doctor who, like some random character at the end of a Hitchcock film, explains the whole plot thusly: "Timothy started coming to me because of an obsession with one of his students. The obsession started to interfere with his sense of reality. At first he would have, uh, sexual fantasies. What high-school teacher doesn't think about the students?" Word. Though Steven objects to this. Anyway: "But, then he began to imagine that he was in love with her, and she with him. He would even write in his journal about trips they took. Evenings they spent together. Things that never happened. But he always knew they never happened. But within the last few weeks, he crossed over into being delusional, and he actually believed that he and this student…" Oh dear. This is apparently called an eroto-manic type delusional disorder, brought on by acute depression. "Basically, he started creating this alter ego for himself. Karen Fitzgerald was the center of this alter ego." Geez. I guess they should have ordered him those new textbooks and helped him get the test scores up.

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