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Chapter Six

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During which Fyvush Finkel intones, "She beats those kids for pleasure!"

Anthony Heald's office, where Vice-I'm-Not-A-Doctor is offering his sincere apologies to the Fitzgeralds, who bombard him with questions about how this could have happened, and where's Mr. Harper? "He took some personal time. He is also extremely sorry." He does not explain that, had they determined that Tim was mentally ill, school policy would have been for him to team-teach with Harvey Lipschultz and Marla Hendricks. Mr. Fitzgerald sends his wife and daughter out of the room and fixes Guber with a level stare: "I'm certainly glad that nothing happened between Mr. McMann and my daughter. And she'll be able to deal with her classmates. But because of this, you have caused her parents to disbelieve her. To take your word over hers. That can't be fixed with a quick apology, Mr. Guber." Then he storms out. People do that a lot at this school. You know, one thing I will allow as being usually good about this show is its refusal to tie up loose ends neatly. That's a plus.

The dungeon. Oh, here it comes. Lauren finds Harry looking over some papers, and asks him, "What was that last night?" He plays dumb. "When you touched my hair." He says he was in the moment, did it bother her? "No. No." She seemed like…"Like I needed to be touched." Yeah. I suppose she prefers that to being spit on, anyway. Then they say in unison, "Awkward pause." Lauren moves toward him and says, "Anyway, I'm supposed to be looking for somebody for you, and you're supposed to be looking for somebody for me." Neither has found anyone, surprise. Then, they cut the bull. "Lauren, you and I is a disaster." Someone check the grammar on that. She says, "I know." Then he turns on the little-boy impishness and says, "But as disasters go, it'd probably be one of the better ones." Drum roll. Smooch. Awwww. Then he pulls back to say, "I mean, it's really not a good idea." Aww. I do dorky stuff like that when I kiss people for the first time. Then they kiss more. And more. And more.

The morgue. Morgue Friend leads Principal Steven into the room. "Harry told me I could trust you. Two minutes, tops." Oh, please. What. Ever. Like Harry said, "I've got a friend at the morgue, if you want to get in and see the body." Wait for the funeral like everybody else. But Steven goes over to ex-Tim, and stands by his side. "I'm sorry it took so long for me to come. Things have been…busy. You left some people behind. I hope you know that. I remember when we started together. You were always creating trouble. You caused it right to the end, too, didn't you. Did you see all those kids turned out for you today? I, uh, I wish I knew you were ill. And I hope you know I loved you. Good-bye, my friend. Go with God." He shuts the drawer, and leaves the room. Nice acting from Chi McBride.

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