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During which Fyvush Finkel intones, "She beats those kids for pleasure!"

"When my mother died," a student is saying, at a podium, "I touched her body. And I felt something go through me. And it was as if I became outside my body, looking down, and I felt everything that was godly about her, her soul and her spirit, pass right through me, leaving me like some hole had been filled." He's addressing an auditorium full of students, and this is, one assumes, some sort of assembly to mourn Tim The Math Teacher's death. "I think maybe as a soul leaves its body, it blesses those who touch it. I know that sounds kind of geeky, but the fact is these teachers can't help us. A lot of us are doing drugs. We think we need to be having sex to count for something. Faculty tries to motivate us with dreams of college and making money. But they don't have a clue who we are. What we need. Almost every one of us feel empty. When my mother died, I saw the light shoot out of her, actually saw it. And it hit me, maybe he's real. Never mind all that praying crap our parents made us do in church three times a year, but maybe he's really real, and I think what a lot of us need to do now is maybe come together and pray, maybe we should turn to him, because let's face it, these teachers? Our parents? Can't do anything. They're useless." Various teachers stand around in the auditorium, uselessly. This kid, by the way, is a really really good actor, not least because I did not laugh when he said, "I saw the light shoot out of her." Good job.

Steven's office. Marilyn comes in and tells him that "the students have called their own assembly over Tim McMann's death. There's nothing wrong with it, but I thought you might want to know." Nothing wrong with it? I can think of two things: since when do students get to call their own assemblies, and why didn't they do this when John LaBlonde killed himself? I doubt very much that the death of a fellow student would impact them less, or make them less acutely aware of their own mortality, than the death of an adult math teacher, however beloved. But that's just me. Marilyn looks around and notes that Coach Kevin is not here to ask the stupid questions, so she says, "Steven, are you really okay?" WHEN DID HE SAY HE WAS OKAY? His good friend died, and he's friggin' sad, you idiots. Steven flounders, then says he's fine. Marilyn is all, "If there's anything I can do…" and that gives Steven a naughty idea apparently. "Marilyn," he says, "you want to get dinner?" Marilyn says, "Awkward pause." The Exposition Fairy totally salts his game, as it were, by bursting in and saying, "Steven, Karen Fitzgerald is here." Steven says to send her in, and dismisses Marilyn before she has a chance to turn him down. We've never, incidentally, seen sparks between these two, so the rational seems to be, "I'm black, so is she, I guess we'd make a good couple. It's either her or Marla Hendricks, so I'll go with the hot one." Not that we saw sparks between Louisa and Milton either, nor have we really seen any since they started dating, but I digress.

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