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Chapter Sixteen

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In which Fyvush Finkel is asked, "Where are your pants?"

Steven and Marla are out to dinner at a swank restaurant with clean white linen. "There's something about clean white linen, isn't there, Steven?" Steven says that there sure is. Blah blah blah thank-you-no-thank-you-cakes. "Isn't it nice," says Marla, "to be out like real people, at a nice restaurant, where they give you a separate fork for the salad, and the napkins are linen, and the company's good. It's the little things, Steven. It's the little things." Steven says that yes it is. They smile and nod at each other, though Steven looks a bit reserved, like he's waiting for her to sing the next verse of "Teapot," if you know what I mean.

Montage. A short one, of two people who love Lauren Davis. Harry sullenly grades papers in the dungeon; Scott does some paperwork at his desk, then looks with meaningful longing at the milk crate, pulls out a tape, sighs, looks at his VCR, and then puts the tape back. Um, aren't the tapes unlabelled? He'd have to watch all sixty hours to find Lauren. But whatever.

Next week: No teaser. Just another ad for Boot Camp. We'll have to wait and see if Anthony Ward's really crazy or not.

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