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Chapter Ten

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Fyvush Finkel says, "African-American Black colored Negroes." No, really, he does.

Wrestling practice. The boys are doing what I can only assume is some weird wrestling warm-up that I won't take the time to describe. Kevin is pretending to be Patton, or something, and giving them a big pep talk about the upcoming match: "Weigh-in is at four-thirty. It's time to get our heads in this right now. It's Southie. I don't need to remind you how much Southie likes to beat us." Blah blah blah beat-Southie-cakes. The Blob enters, in a wrestling outfit. Kevin calls her over. "Rather than forfeit the heavyweight division, or have Jimmy wrestle out of class, we have a new teammate." The boys all laugh and punch each other like little morons. "The Blob?" says Jimmy. "Her name is Christine Banks. She's had wrestling experience. Jimmy, I want you to go one period with her so I can evaluate her." Jimmy says he won't wrestle a girl, and Kevin tells him that if he doesn't, he'll just hand Jimmy's position in the match tomorrow to her. Kevin blows his whistle.

Sanctum Stevenorium, where Lauren is asking Steven and Anthony Heald to give Harvey another chance. "I prevailed upon him not to bring a lawyer, I said that I would defend him." Scott starts to say something about conduct unbecoming a teacher, and Lauren says, "Harvey Lipschultz is a decent man." Scott says the issue's not whether Harvey's a nice guy, and Lauren says it can be a factor, and Scott says it's not a factor: "Stop looking at the world as a little girl in love, Lauren, and take this matter seriously." The gloves are off now, I guess. "What did you just say to me?" says Lauren. Steven cuts in: "All right. I'm gonna give the guy another hearing. I suppose we owe him that. Tomorrow, ten o'clock." Anthony Heald tries to leave, but Lauren stops him. "Scott, what did you say to me?" Scott says, "I'm saying that if you're ever going to excel at leadership, you're going to have to learn to be tougher." "Well, I'm standing up to a militant vice-principal, isn't that tough?" He says, "No, you're acting out of an over-developed sense of charity, because you haven't got the heart to fire a sweet old man, despite the fact you know he shouldn't be teaching." Meanwhile, she's been loaded her own Low-Blow-o-Matic, and fires back, "Still planning to adopt a baby, Scott?" She leaves. Scott leaves. Steven thinks, "White people are crazy."

Back in the gym, Kevin blows his whistle. At which point The Blob kicks Jimmy's ass in the ring. Kevin tells her, "You made the team." Jimmy moans, suffering from a compound fracture of the ego.

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