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Chapter Ten

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Fyvush Finkel says, "African-American Black colored Negroes." No, really, he does.

Steve's office. Steven and Anthony Heald. "Scott, might I remind you, we have a teacher shortage." But Scott says it won't affect the shortage, because Marla is already covering Harvey's classes. "That comforts me," says Steven, but he means so, like, the opposite. Scott says, "He's already received three un-sats. What's more, he's a bigot. He's a terrible example for the students, and an even worse reflection on us." Steven says, "His kids learn," but Guber says, "It isn't about that." Well, one might argue that it should, on some level, be about that, but who cares. Scott promises to be the bad guy himself and leave Steven out of it, and has come up with a way to cheat Harvey out of having a fair hearing: "If we present it that he should resign." Steven wants to know why Harvey would do that. "Because that way he can still sub. Steven, he's a loose cannon. One that's eventually going to blow up in our faces." I was hoping he was going to mix the metaphor, and say something like, "Steven, he's a loose cannon. One that will eventually drown us all." But he didn't. Just then The Exposition Fairy bursts in: "We've got a student down on the second floor. Paramedics are on the way." Steven and Scott run with her out the door, I guess to get a look at the injured student before he gets taken to the hospital.

Sure enough, some kid is unconscious on the floor against the wall. Lauren is asking a female student if she saw anything, while Anthony Heald and Coach Lamprey help the kid up. "I came down the stairwell and he was just lying there." Steve comes down and asks, "Any witnesses?" The girl looks at him and hesitates, and then says, "No," while branding the words "I'm lying" into her own forehead. Steven asks the fallen student what happened, and he says, "I don't know. I think I was hit by the stairwell door, or something, as I was about to go in. I'm okay." Steven sends the boy to the infirmary anyway. Meanwhile, Anthony Heald approaches the girl, the monogram of untruth still smoldering on her flesh, and says, "Ms. Banks, while I have you here: is everything going okay for you? I've heard some grumblings about school bullying, and that possibly you've been a target." Pulling out her branding iron a second time, she smiles weakly and says, "Not me." See, so she's the daughter of the concerned father from earlier. And when people make fun of her, she obviously knocks them unconscious.

A credit flashes on the screen: "Written by David E. Kelley." Oh lord. See, he backed off for one lousy (and I mean lousy) episode, and now he's back.

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