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Fyvush Finkel says, "African-American Black colored Negroes." No, really, he does.

In the stairwell, Milton and My-Fair-Lita are arguing. "Listen to me, Lisa, we're starting a Shakespeare club." What? "Instead of never being seen together, we have to do exactly the opposite now. That's what we attribute the rumors to: we're spending so much time together that people started getting the wrong idea about us." Does anyone think this makes sense? Because the problem is the rumors started already, and the club does not yet exist. But anyway: "As of now, you're my teacher's pet. We're starting a Shakespeare club. Let them all talk, it's all innocent anyway." She tries to walk away: "I don't know, Milton." He grabs her: "If we're seen whispering covertly like this, that's what'll kill us." Um, yeah, so why didn't you wait to have this conversation in the privacy of somebody's bed, for example? "From now on we're open and notorious. Teacher and student. We're starting a Shakespeare club today. Go to class." Lisa runs down the stairs, and Milton runs up, and furthermore, runs into Harry Senate. "Milton, what's new?" Uh-oh. Is he going to pull a Coach Lamprey? What does this plot have to do with him? And Mr. Senate is not one to call someone else on breaking school rules. And it's also not really in his character to chide someone else for moral transgressions, am I right? But anyway, Milton says nothing's new, and Harry says same with him, and there's a long pause, and then Milton says, "Great, see you around," and leaves. Phew. Only Harry's got this glint in his eye that suggests he's going to pull a Plot Parasite later on.

Vice-Office. Harvey, looking forlorn in close-up, says, "You're joking." Anthony Heald says, "Yes, Harvey, I'm refining my stand-up routine before I go on the road." Harvey asks Steven, who is also present, "Are you in on this?" Doing an excellent job of keeping his name out of it and having Scott be the bad guy, Steve says, "Yes, Harvey, I agree with Scott." Lauren enters, all Perky McSunshine, and says, "What's up?" Harvey slouches over to her like a giant muppet and says, "What's up is, I'm being fired." Lauren says, "Why wasn't I notified as department head?" I like how hers is the only department that seems to have a "head," as though it's a position that the school just made up for her. Or, rather, that David Kelley just made up for her so that he could have a character to protect Harvey despite his blatant lack of qualifications. Blah blah blah legal-wrangling-cakes, concluding with Lauren's assertion that Harvey is entitled to a hearing because he has tenure. Harvey storms out. Lauren rounds on Scott: "Okay, first of all, your notice to me stinks. Second, you have to give him a chance to come in and fix whatever the problem is." Guber thinks, "God, she's sexy when she's mad." He tells her that the problem, i.e. his bigotry and questionable mental health, are unfixable. She insists on a hearing, and Steven says okay. Lauren and Scott lock eyes. He loves her. She hates him. But he's thinking, "In all the movies, this means I'll bag her by the end."

Back in Marilyn's classroom, a female student is reading a story, only it is somewhat different from "The Thump of Love." Or is it? Yes. It is: "Sometimes I'm half asleep when I hear him coming, and I choose to stay in sleep. I will myself from sleep to stay there, so I can dismiss the memory after as nothing but a bad dream. I always hear the click, the click of a bedroom door being shut can be deafening. And when he gets on top he always touches my hair, like he did when I was little when he'd read to me. Sometimes when he'd read, he'd change the story and add something silly, and I'd laugh, 'Daddy, no!' Now he comes in at night, after my mother is sleeping, and he changes the story forever, and I just cry to myself, 'Daddy, no!'" Sam does not laugh.

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