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Chapter Ten

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Fyvush Finkel says, "African-American Black colored Negroes." No, really, he does.

Mr. Lick's office. "What are you trying to do?" says Daddy-No-Lita. "Just get to the truth," says Mr. Lick. "I told you," she says, "I made it up. Why don't you believe me?" (That's really funny phrasing, actually, if you think about it: "I'm a liar! Why won't you just accept that as the truth?") Marilyn chimes in, "Because I just don't, Jody. I think this happened to you, I think it's still happening." Mr. Lick says, "Most people in your position think it's best not to tell anyone. That composition you wrote, it's a cry for help. Now, we can help you." Daddy-No-Lita says, "You think so? What are you gonna do, Mr. Lick, assuming that I'm in this situation, which I'm not saying that I am." Mr. Lick says they can probably get him out of the house. "My word against his, I seriously doubt that. But even if you're right, I got two brothers who look up to him as a god. And maybe they should. He's been a great father to them. What happens to their world? OR my mother's? Things don't always have easy answers." I'm not believing her at all. But I can't tell if it's her acting, or if she's just faking this faux-reluctant admission because she's trying to frame her dad for some reason. The teasers, all about "you'll never believe how this one ends," lead me to believe that her father hasn't done anything, and she's setting him up. That certainly would be an interesting twist ending like the one we've been promised. Let's see if that happens. Anyway, Mr. Lick and Marilyn try to work on her some more, and Daddy-No-Lita says, "Don't talk to me in that little soft voice like this is all private. You have to report things by law. I've said all I'm gonna say." She gets up to go. Mr. Lick says, "I'm going to social services anyway, just based on what I suspect." She tells him he'll destroy lives. "Tell you what. Bring your dad down here, tell him I want to see him." She says no way. "Then I go to the police," he says, tipping his head to the side so that his eyes look in different direction, and are drastically different sizes, and he looks crazy. Hey, wasn't his nickname Big Boy the first time we met him? What happened to that? "Tell your parents I want to see them. Don't tell them what about."

Lauren and Harry hangin' out in bed, in pajamas again. She's saying, "I totally bailed. Steven asked, Lauren do you have anything to say in defense of Harvey, and what I heard was, Lauren will you side with the bigot? I mean after this business with test scores, and me being tougher on blacks than whites, I mean, I just…I jumped ship on Lipschultz." Harry says, "Well, the way you describe it, how do you defend him. African-American Black Colored Negroes?" Lauren says, "He's just an old buffoon." So, why the hell do you still want him teaching in the department of which you are the "head"? Harry says, "There you go, defend him with that: he's a buffoon." Lauren gets all woman-y on him and says, "You need to learn how to take me seriously better." But Harry doesn't drop the ball, bless him, and says, "Okay. I think I'm starting to love you. That's serious." She jumps him. Oh, man, somebody's getting lucky tonight.

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