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Chapter Thirteen

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Fyvush Finkel's only damn line: "I don't go to Doyle's much."

The hallway. Harry's on a cell phone saying, "Well, let me know as soon as he rules." Just then, Jenna's nice ass glides by, and Harry pursues it. "Talking out of school are we?" Huh? "What did you say to Lauren?" Jenna says she didn't say anything: "She insinuated that I didn't know you well enough to criticize you. I told her that I did." Harry now wants to know what the criticism was, and Jenna snickers, "Look, if she's jealous, just tell her the truth. We had no real emotional involvement. It was just tons and tons of sex." Marla, passing by at this moment, chimes in, "That's not what I would tell her, Harry." Marilyn appears. "Heard anything?" Harry says that he just talked to Kevin, who said the judge would rule in about an hour, and gauged his chances at fifty-fifty. "He said Steven was really good."

In the hallway of the courthouse, Kevin paces nervously while Eleanor tries to reassure him. "I'm sure it'll be soon." He looks at her: "Look, whatever…thanks. I thought you did a great job." Just then, Scott and Steven emerge from the elevator, triggering the following warm exchange: "Listen, Kevin, whatever I…" "Go to hell, Steven. What? You want to throw me up against a wall now? Share one of your profundities? That's your big strength, isn't it, Steven?" Steven starts to walk away. "Walking away, that's another. You're such a hypocrite. Yeah, firing me really put the interests of the students first. The students got hurt, Steven. And you know it. But, hey, your little autocracy stayed intact. At least with Scott people see him coming." Steven and Scott walk away without another word. Squeaky Little Lawyer sticks his head around the corner and announces that the judge is ready to rule.

Indeed he is. Back in the courtroom, it looks surprisingly like the outcome of this case will actually be up to the judge to decide. Who knew? He says: "For the last hour, I've been going back and forth on this one. Truth be told, I didn't know how I was going to rule. Then I got a visit. On the way home from school, my seventeen-year-old daughter stopped in to say hello. As I looked at her, I tried to imagine [her] being involved in a sexual affair with a faculty member at her high school. I would be outraged, of course. But then I tried to imagine that teacher being found out by another faculty member, only to have the matter covered up, to have the affair continue. And this issue became crystal clear to me. We give you our children. We. Give. You. Our children. I find Mr. Riley's dismissal to be lawful. And his petition for a declaratory judgment denied. We are adjourned." And one more time: zing.

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