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Chapter Thirteen

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Fyvush Finkel's only damn line: "I don't go to Doyle's much."

A courtroom. As a stern man with white hair in a black robe listens intently -- let's call him The Judge -- Eleanor argues with the school's lawyer. They speak in complex legal jargon, so allow me to translate it into layman's terms for all of you. School Lawyer says, "Kevin bad. He no tell on Milton, when Milton make jub-jub with student." Eleanor interrupts, pointing out, "You lie! You say untruth before the tribunal!" School Lawyer says, "You interrupt!" Eleanor says, "I must cleanse the tribal cave of your lies! Kevin did not do a thing. He not did a thing. And it is bad to make him go away from the school for a thing he not did, not a thing he did." School Lawyer says, "Your words are so stupid that they are worthy of laughing." Eleanor says, "Shut up." The Judge says, "Me need more. Tomorrow we speak with many villagers to hear true words. Who was it that told Mr. Kevin to go away from the school?" School Lawyer says it was Guber, causing Scott and Steven to exchange a meaningful, tense glance. The Judge says they'll start the evidentiary hearing with Guber, and go from there. I hope I made the complex legal wrangling clear to all of you. School Lawyer retreats to her corner and tells Scott and Steven they should get together to go over their testimony. Each replies with a curt "fine." Steven leaves. Tension? Yep.

The hallway. "A trial?" Harry says incredulously, thinking that he is the teacher most likely to end up on trial, and therefore having difficulty accepting Kevin's beating him to the punch. Lauren corrects him, "A hearing. Guber will have to testify. Maybe Kevin. I'm telling you, this is going to get ugly." Speaking of the ugly, and its complete and total opposite, Ms. Souter joins them as they stride along. "Marla's circulating a petition saying that they should take Kevin back." Harry says he already signed it; Lauren says something about how the union shouldn't bother with petitions, which seems like a strange thing to say, since the petition already exists, and she didn't have to do any work herself. Eleanor approaches their little cluster: "Are you Lauren Davis? I'm Eleanor Frutt." Harry's all, "The new wrestling coach?" Heh. She ignores him, though. "I'm here representing Kevin Riley. I hate to do this. Subpoena." She hands Lauren a subpoena, which is good because at first I thought she had just sneezed. "The likelihood is I won't need you, but in case I do, I have to cover myself." She turns to Harry. "Have you got a joke to go with that one?" Harry's all, "Yeah, but I'll wait until you leave." Heh. Eleanor tells Lauren she doesn't even have to be there; she just needs to be on call, just in case.

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