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Chapter Thirty-Eight

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Porn To Be Wild

Steven's Office. Steven is telling Scott that he made the right decision, that Meredith always did seem too erratic. "I'll miss her." "I know. What are you gonna do with…that?" Meaning the hand. Scott says he doesn't know. "I just…think she really did strike the girl. I feel it in my gut." "Scott, you made the right call." But Scott looks like maybe he's not sure.

The hospital. Lauren is visiting Sylvie Platt, who apparently had the most severe panic attack of all time, 'cause she's still in the hospital. Lauren is asking her if she herself caused some of Sylvie's stress. "Ms. Davis, you're one of my favorite teachers." "Thank you. But. Do I make you nervous? Or anxious?" "Well, I maybe feel pressure to do well…I want to do well. I love pleasing you. Well…you have this disapproving stare. It just goes right through me. Like I've totally let you down, you know? I think…sometimes I get afraid of disappointing you." "You actually become afraid?" "Ms. Davis, you uh…the screamers, or the ones who threaten like Lipschultz, you know in the end it's just noise, kind of. But you. When you look at us and say 'not good enough.' You have this intense…you can be scary, Ms. Davis. Yeah. A lot of kids are afraid of you." Lauren sits back, stunned. Sylvie anxiously fiddles with her hospital sheet.

Next week: Blah blah blah Winslow High-cakes.

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