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Chapter Thirty-Eight

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Vice-Office. Sporty Spice is explaining to Scott what happened with The Hook Lady. Apparently, she accused this girl of plagiarizing a paper, so they got into a fight, which quickly escalated. "I told her she's got problems. She didn't like that. I said how she's psycho, you know. How everyone knows she locked her son up in the basement. She didn't like that. Then I kind of accused her of sleeping with the Vice-Principal to get a job. She didn't like that. I'm sorry I said all that stuff, but she got me really mad, calling me a plagiarist!" Scott speaks with the measured, chilling, calm tone he likes to use when he is on the verge of madness, and asks her to get to the part where she was allegedly hit. "There was nothing allegedly about it!" Once the fight escalated to a certain point, The Hook Lady (allegedly) hauled off and smacked Sporty Spice across the noggin.

In a hospital room, Marla is talking to Anxiety Girl, somehow having got in to see her despite the speech about…sigh…anthrax-tainted shellfish. She asks if there's "stuff going on" that might have led to this panic attack. The girl's all, "Well, I don't know, tests coming up, college acceptance letters are coming out. Maybe I'm nervous." Marla asks her what tests are coming up. Then the scene ends. I like this new trend, where information is withheld tantalizingly, instead of repeated over and over again in every single scene.

Sanctum Stevenorium. Ronnie is showing Steven a copy of the magazine Harmony is posing for. It's called Just Eighteen and is, apparently, explicit enough to "make a gynecologist blush." Steven declines to look at it…at least while Ronnie is in the room. The Exposition Fairy is here, not to be helpful, but to remind Steven that he's the one who gave them permission to shoot on the premises, though one assumes that, since he is only now becoming aware of the kind of magazine this is, he didn't have the pertinent information at the time. Marla pokes her head in, and Ronnie is dismissed. Marla tells Steven that Sylvie Platt is going to be okay, but that "one of her teachers is Lauren Davis. I think she pushes her kids way too hard." Steven is incredulous, but Marla stands her ground, saying that she looked into it, and a high percentage of the stress cases at Winslow are Lauren's kids. But, um, don't people ordinarily have certain teachers for, say, one semester at a time? What does that mean, "Lauren's kids"? If someone doesn't like her class, wouldn't they just not take one from her again? Whatever. "She's demanding. She has this quiet, punishing way. You know it. Last year, you accused her of riding the black kids too hard. Truth is, she's riding all of 'em, and some of 'em can't take it." Steven looks thoughtful.

The stairwell. Dick Teachie asks out Marilyn. She's all, "Huh?" Maybe because he's asking her out in. The. HALLWAY. While students stream past. That's appropriate. Marilyn says she's not comfortable dating other teachers, and that, furthermore, she's not into "sport dating" at all. What is sport dating? Does she mean "casual" dating? I have never in my life heard the phrase "sport dating" before. Anyway, she tells Dick Teachie that he's just on the rebound, and not ready for a real relationship. She walks away. Marla comes by, and Teachie asks her if she'll have a "rebound thing" with him. "It doesn't have to last very long. Just long enough to say I had it." She's all, "I'll swat you like a bug." We follow Marla down the hall, where Lauren chases her down to ask about Sylvie. "You have her, don't you?" asks Marla. "Yeah, she's a great student. She's one of my best." "Mm-hm." Marla walks away. Lauren is confused for a beat, and then heads into her classroom.

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