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Chapter Thirty-Eight

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The Hook Lady's room. Scott is there to check out Sporty Spice's story, and asks to look at the two essays in question. Hook Lady's all defensive, and suggests that because she's seen as a psycho, there's all of these doubts associated with her story. Scott explains that he'd have to investigate this with any teacher, and "it has nothing to do with you being a psy --" He stops himself. Meredith looks at him. Heh.

Ronnie and Steven are chatting with Harmon-ita in the office. "You told us you won a contest!" She says that she did win a contest. "I sent in some Polaroids of myself, and they picked me to do a layout." Yes, the tenth annual "We Want to Take Nudie Pictures Of You" Contest. Actually, Sars won that two years ago, but was stripped of her title. It was this whole big thing. ["How many times do I have to tell you -- I was a victim of circumstance!" -- Sars] Anyway, Steven is mad because Harmon-ita wore Winslow clothing, and posed with teachers, making the school the recognizable backdrop for smut, which makes it more than just her business, as she claims. She has no real comeback for this logic, so she says, "If it's going to be a problem, I'll just ask them not to use that stuff." Steven's all, "And you think that makes everything okay? Go home. You're suspended. And tell your parents I want to speak to them. That's all." Harmon-ita goes. Ronnie sighs.

Steven goes to see Big Boy. Big Boy is doing something with something on his desk, and when Steven comes in, he finishes doing the something with the something so he can talk to him. "Student stress. Big problem?" I like that the issue of the week this week is so vague. Student stress? Why not just do an episode about, like, sadness, or anger? ("Steven. The students are really angry." "Well, anger is a big problem in schools.") Anyway, Big Boy says that, yeah, "student stress" is a bigger problem than ever, and Steven acts like this is big news to him. And it's on the rise, because of brand-new factors like students trying to get into college, and teachers wanting students to do well. Steven wants to know if any teachers in particular are culprits in making students more stressed out, and Big Boy says he's got his eye on two: Lauren Davis and Marilyn Sudor.

Vice-Office. Scott is telling Sporty Spice that he's not sure he believes her story about not plagiarizing. We know he's telling her this because she says, "You don't believe me!?" She appeals to his appreciation for convoluted logic: "If I get caught plagiarizing, I could get kicked out. So why would I make a big deal out of this, if I could avoid it." Well, that kind of makes sense, except that she was already being accused of plagiarizing before she got hit, and one might interpret the hitting accusation as a way to discredit the teacher accusing her of plagiarism. But let's not split hairs; Scott seems a bit persuaded. "I came forward 'cause I'm innocent. That woman went off on my head. It isn't right." Scott points out that the two essays in question are almost identical in some sections, and Sporty Spice suggests that he take that up with the other student, despite her superior academic track record.

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