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Chapter Thirty-Eight

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Porn To Be Wild

Near the entrance of the school, Scott is being confronted by Mr. Spice, father of Sporty Spice. "She says she was hit, and I believe her." Scott assures the man that they're looking into it. "She tells me she doesn't think you really are. Now, do you have some kind of a relationship with this teacher, Mr. Guber?" Scott keeps assuring the guy that he's handling it, and that "the more quickly this conversation ends, the sooner I can get back to my investigation." On his way back into the office, Scott passes Steven, who asks if he needs help handling this situation. "I'm on it, Steven." "I just don't want --" "I said I'm ON IT." He doesn't sound on it, though.

Marla comes out of Steven's office, and Lauren chases her down in the hallway. At first, she acts all coy and asks what Marla was doing in there. "We're trying to lose weight by having quickies. You want in?" At which point, Lauren drops the act, and just tells Marla that if she has a problem with the way Lauren teaches, she should take it up with her. "I'll take it up with whoever I want to take it up with, you snippy prima donna." "Prima donna?" Marla goes on to explain that Lauren clearly thinks she's some kind of elite teacher. Then she adds, "And maybe you are, but when students are having anxiety attacks…" "You have never even set foot in my classroom." "I ASKED STEVEN TO SET FOOT IN IT TO SEE WHAT WAS GOING ON!" Luckily, they're having this wholly inappropriate fight in the middle of the hallway. At this point, the realize that a bunch of students have stopped to stare at them, and they wish each other good day and go their separate ways.

Vice-Office. Scott is interviewing the other student with the identical essay, as Sporty Spice suggested. She is supposedly a good student, but she is the spitting image of Rayanne Graff, so I have a tough time buying that. Anyway, Scott asks her if she's been copying Sporty Spice's work. "No." He asks if Sporty Spice has had access to her work. "I don't know. Not that I'm aware of." Scott's all, "The truth would be the very best policy to adopt right now…if you are honest with me now, you can avoid suspension. Take ten seconds, and tell me whose work is reflected in these papers." Then Scott pulls out the big guns. Apparently "little birdies" told him that Rayanne was at a rave last night, and likes to ingest illegal substances at these raves (hey, she IS Rayanne Graff), and he tells her that if she doesn't tell him the truth, he'll make her give him a urine sample. She ponders once more, and then admits that she copied. "But not all of it! Just a few chunks! Just middle chunks!" Scott smiles.

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