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Chapter Thirty-Eight

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The Un-geon. Ronnie is giving Harmon-ita the "this could follow you for the rest of your life" speech. Harmon-ita says she's okay with that. Me too. Take it off! Then she's all, "Why are you taking this so personally?" Oh, I get it. Because at least once an episode, a teacher has to have had the problem the student is going through (ADD! Anorexia!). Harmon-ita says it's the first step towards something bigger, a career. "In nude modeling?" "At first. But then maybe acting." "Adult films?" "No. Real acting. In real movies." Ronnie asks if it wouldn't make more sense to enroll in some theatre classes, but Harmon-ita rattles of her mental list of Oscar winners who have done Playboy: Kim Basinger. Angelina Jolie. Um…uh…that's it. Ronnie points out that only a handful of women out of thousands go on to things like that. "Most end up either doing adult videos or stripping." "Look. Some kids are good at math or science or writing. They're smart. Some are good at sports or music. That's their gift. That's what they were born with. Don't you think it would be wrong for them to ignore what they're really good at? Ms. Cooke, I'm not smart. My grades are barely good enough to graduate. I'm not good at sports, I can't sing. My gift? It's how I look. I'm pretty. I have a nice body. Why shouldn't I use it?" Ronnie touches her nose for some reason.

In The Special Meeting Room, Lauren and Marilyn are facing off with Steven and Big Boy. Marilyn starts them off, using a tone of voice usually directed at a six-year-old with whom you are angry. "I teach A.P. classes, Steven. Advanced Placement is all about challenging students. About preparing them for college." Marilyn points out that this new "back off" message flies in the face of his message to the whole faculty at the beginning of the year. "Which was?" Lauren takes up the baton. "Achievement! If we don't come up in statewide achievement scores, we lose money, we lose resources." Marilyn glares daggers at Big Boy. "This man doesn't have to deal with accountability issues. We do…I'm a damn good teacher, Steven. And part of preparing kids for college, and life, is putting pressure on them, and teaching them to deal with it. To excel under pressure." And she says she's not going to stop because one of them gets an upset stomach once in a while. Big Boy's all, "What if one of them jumps out a window." "None of my students have ever done that, Bob." And Marilyn is angry at Big Boy, she says, for going running to Steven, and for keeping a scorecard of which teachers cause stress. Okay, didn't Steven come to him? And isn't taking care of students' mental well-being simply his job? He says, "Okay, first of all, Steven came to me. Second of all, I'm just doing my job." Oh. He insists that Lauren and Marilyn are making more of their students sick. Lauren says she doesn't apologize for putting pressure on kids. "If we adjust the curriculum for the kids who can't handle it, we completely betray the ones who can. There are plenty of teachers here who hand out As to sleepwalkers. Why don't you call them in?" Steven strokes his chin.

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