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Chapter Thirty-Eight

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Porn To Be Wild

On the way into the Teachers' Lounge, Meredith is denying to Scott that she hit Sporty Spice, and is upset that he doesn't believe her. "How would you know what I do and don't believe?" "Because you're asking the question." "Because the complaint has been made, dammit! It's my job to ask the question." "Well, you've asked, and I've answered, and this anger leads me to believe you're taking her side." Hmm. Nice logic, Hook Lady. Scott closes his eyes. "Why are you closing your eyes?" "I've gone in search of my wits. Am I permitted to do that?" Heh. I wish Scott would dump The Hook Lady and adopt a kid. And marry Peter MacNicol, and then the two of them could raise their kids together. Anyway, Meredith tries to leave, and Scott tells her to come to his office at two o'clock to discuss the matter further. She goes. Scott goes the rest of the way in to the lounge, and begins tossing the food in the fridge that's gone bad into the trash. Harvey is there, and tells Scott that he was outside Meredith's classroom when the incident happened; he heard both of them yelling, and they both sounded out of control. Then he says, "On another matter. I've been tricked! I agreed to be in that photo shoot. Now I was told it was a naked nude dirty magazine." "Yes, we were all deceived on that." "What if they put my head on a naked nude model? Uncircumcised?" Scott notes that that is a danger. Then he tries to leave the room before the commercial break, but Harry stops him. He says he believes Sporty Spice: "I think Meredith hit her."

Lauren's classroom. Some kid gives one of those speeches that goes like this. "Who cares about history? It all happened such a long time ago. This class is stupid." You know, the kind of speech that no student ever gives. EVER. Anyway, Lauren tells him he should think about it as a way of preparing for his future. "Because, you know, if you don't have a grasp of history, that could impact how people view your intelligence. That could have an impact on your future. I mean, are you interested in having a future, Walton?" Meanwhile, Marla has come into the room to watch. At this point, she makes a quiet gagging noise by the door. Lauren spins around. "Can I help you?" "No. I just came in as a fellow social studies teacher, to make sure there's continuity between our classes."

Later, in the bathroom, Lauren and Marla are fighting. "Don't you ever disrupt my classroom again." "I did not disrupt it. I came in stealth-like." "More like rat-like." Marla tells Lauren to take a step back. Lauren counters that it is, in fact, Marla who ought to do that back-stepping in this scenario. "Teachers ought to support one another." "This isn't about the teachers, you snotty little bitch!" "WHAT!?" "It's about the students. Sylvie Platt is lying in a hospital bed! Have you even been in to see her? And all you can do is wonder if the teachers are playing tattletale!" Lauren says not all the teachers, just Marla, and Marla freely admits it. "I'm gonna be on your ass, Lauren, you can count on that. In the meantime, you might want to go check on Sylvie."

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