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Chapter Thirty-Eight

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Meredith's room, where she acts as an assistant by being the ONLY TEACHER IN THE ROOM. The class files out, and Scott files in. "Now what?" "After investigating the matter, I find that I am not able to convince myself by any preponderance of evidence that you did not strike [Sporty Spice]." Is that how it works? Guilty unless conclusively proven innocent? Maybe it has to, on something like this. "What does that say about you and me, Scott?" "The issue here is not you and me, but…given your past propensity for violence, and your questionable psychological stability, I have grave concerns entrusting students to your charge. Your employment here is being terminated. Please collect your things; it's effective immediately." She says she's entitled to a hearing, and he explains that she's not union, and even if she were, a hearing could be circumvented in this kind of situation, where students are getting hit in the head by her. "This isn't about firing an employee, this is about breaking up with a girlfriend. You're retreating into the authority of your job, because as a man you're too impotent to deal with confrontation." She might be right. But she still hit Sporty Spice. "See it however you like Meredith. You're fired." "You think you can just dismiss me, Scott, and I'll be gone? I won't be gone, Scott. You haven't seen the last of me!" She takes off the hand he bought her, slams it down on the desk, and stalks off.

On the streets of Boston, Harry is escorting Ronnie home. He's telling her that she can't stop Harmon-ita from doing what she wants, so she ought to just forget about it. "Yeah, well, there's a reason I can't just forget about it. Remember how I said I didn't go through with it?" Um…does she mean in the earlier scene that Harry wasn't in? Anyway: "That was a lie. It was never published, and they didn't use them, thank God. But they did the pictures." Harry's all, "When can I see them?" "Shut up. You don't know the fear I live with. That some…Ivy League anniversary issue could come out. I mean, it haunts me every day…it's this damn role model thing, it squeezes like a vice. I mean, they talk about the pressure on the students, but the teachers…" Oh, boo hoo. Harry tells her to look at the bright side, which is that she can always show her grandchildren what a hot bod she had. Then he tells her that the past is past. "As for now, as for being a teacher, somebody ought to take a picture of that. That's worth seeing." She takes a step towards him, invading his personal space a little, and strokes his face. He's taller then she is in this shot, which indicates to me that she's wearing no shoes, and he's standing on a crate, because Nicky Katt is an elf. He ducks out of the obvious sexual overture, pecks her on the cheek, and says he ought to go. She watches him trot off.

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