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Chapter Thirty-Five

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Vice-office. Meredith appears to take Scott home, and he says he'd rather go to his own place. She reads that he's upset, and so he tells her why. "I was rather horrified by your stealth-like ability to sabotage your son's relationship with Brooke Harper." Scott thinks that she was not accepting of the idea, because Brooke is black, but "you knew he'd turn a deaf ear to your protests. So, by embracing the idea, participating in it even…" Wow. She's sneaky. She asks if that's really what he thinks she did, and he says, "I think. You're a very. Smart. Woman. Meredith. And I'll be sleeping at my place tonight." She goes.

The Dungeon. Harry sits alone in the dark, waiting for Ronnie to arrive so that the last scene of the episode can begin. Ronnie comes in and starts the scene. "You still leaving?" "I don't know. I feel like I can't stay, but a student made me feel like I couldn't go." Ronnie says she agrees with the student. Harry's all, "I don't want to abandon them, but I feel like I can't do them any good here." "Just teach, Harry. It'll work out for them. Just teach." Wow, look at Ronnie Cooke, dispensing advice on how to teach. Didn't she arrive like eight minutes ago? Anyway, she's brought a box of new books for him to distribute to the class. Of course, it's Moby Dick. He starts to cry. "Just teach," she says, and hugs him. Um…so did he change his mind, or what? I guess I'll find out in two hours.

By the way, for more information about eating disorders, contact the NEDA.

Next week. I mean, "in two hours": my tape cuts off during the 20th Century Fox logo, and I am unable to find a bar where a girl can tell me what they said would happen next week. So, you know, just wait for it. Other promos have indicated that something perhaps bad happens to one of Ronnie's students, something involving a car.

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