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Chapter Thirty-Nine

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Music Room. Marilyn plays the piano to accompany her choir. They're singing "Try A Little Tenderness" and Marilyn is not happy with the soloist, who seems distracted and whatnot. Why isn't Zack playing the…oh, right, he died of cancer, or got shot while reading Moby Dick. No, wait, he got too fat. I forget which. Anyhow, the bell rings, rescuing Eve from Marilyn's wrath, but another girl, Carly, approaches her, and says that she may know why Eve is distracted. "We were online…chatting, and this guy started flirting with Eve, which was no big deal, but the next day she checked her email, and she had five from him." Long story short, they wrote back, and came onto the guy, who is now sending Eve earrings and lingerie. "What was the content of these conversations?" Carly-ta reveals that they were sex-talk. And now the guy wants to meet her, but she assures Marilyn that Eve, or as we shall now call her…actually, Eve is just fine, let's call her that. Anyway, they got some hacker friend of theirs to ID the guy, and now they're freaked, because what if he can use the same method to ID Eve? And that's STILL not all, because the guy in question is a teacher at Winslow: Dr. Benji Harris. Who I frigging SWORE was gay until this episode. Marilyn demands to see the emails. Looks like trouble for Carly-ta and Eve. Or, as they will be collectively known, the Succubytes.

The next day, music plays while the kids still get off of school buses and gesture at one another with notebooks, and walk around in the halls. It's just like a real school!

Ronnie flags down Druggie Bobby in Delineation Alley. He's telling her that she's crazy if she thinks he's going to go to the police, because they won't give him immunity. She thinks they can get the dealer put away, and he's all, "It's not like that. Do you know the street?" Ah yes, The $treet. That wasn't a very good show, was it? No, but he's referring to the abstract concept of "the street" because it's the place where this dealer "has friends" who would do some so-called "killing of Bobby's brother" on their own, if the dealer himself were arrested. She wants to know how he's going to get the money, and he says he doesn't know, but "if I get a little extra I'll pay for your window." She tells him to can the attitude, since she hasn't yet decided not to go to the police, and he says something vague about how people do what they do at the end of the day, and she interprets this as a threat. "Against you? Man, it ain't about you. It's about saving my brother." Who cast this guy? He's not very tough-sounding.

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