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Chapter Thirty-Nine

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"So he admitted it?" We're in the Vice-Office, and Scott is talking to Coach about Creatine McAndroEphedrine. "How prevalent is this on your team?" Coach says that if Tom's doing it, it could be quite widespread. Steven comes in, catching the tail end of this, so we get to see the beginning of the scene that we were spared before because Coach has to explain to Steven that he found banned substances in Tom's locker. Steven's like, "Excellent." But he means the opposite, I think. Coach says, "He's suspended. We should forfeit all our victories." He walks out. He's not a terrible actor, he's just not…quite good at all.

In the Boys' Locker Room (what is it with this episode?), Harry and Ronnie find Druggie Bobby. "So what's the deal? You cook up this morning? You using?" Bobby says he's clean. Harry asks where he's living, and he says that he's at his uncle's cousin's ["and wouldn't his uncle's cousin be Bobby's cousin also?" -- Sars] because his mom is back in rehab. He also denies that the tracks on his arms are new. "Using would be a complete violation of my parole." "How is it you got into this drug dealer so bad you had to break into my car?" He thanks Ronnie, sarcastically, for keeping his confidence, and she's like, "You didn't take me into your confidence, I caught you." Didn't Talk Time have that exact exchange with Dick Teachie not long ago? That's a rhetorical question: she did. Anyway, Harry says he's there to take Bobby to detox; Bobby doesn't want to go, and spins the brother-saving story. Harry says they have to go to detox. Bobby says he has to save his brother. Detox. Brother. Harry says, "Let's go." Bobby goes, but I don't think he's planning to go with Harry, because first he shoves him against a locker, and then he shoves Ronnie, and then he runs away. They chase him. The locker room leads magically to the top of a staircase and into the front hall of the school. Harry catches up with him, only to get thrown THROUGH the glass covering the trophy case. Bobby sprints the rest of the way down the hall and out of school. Nobody makes a move to stop him. Ronnie checks on Harry, who is okay, and says, "Now what?" The drums that accompanied the chase climax with a shot of…

…Marilyn, slamming down a desk in front of the Succubytes. Once again, actual effort has been put into the direction and editing of this episode. It's the John Woo Boston Public. Anyhow, Marilyn gives a really annoying speech to the kids about how dangerous it is on "the internet" because it's where "sexual predators hang out." Yes, the whole thing, that's all it is. Stay away from that dangerous internet, everyone. You know what part of the problem with this show is? It has no respect for what it takes to actually reach kids. Marla standing up at a podium and yelling at them about guns would never work in a real school. Teenagers only do the opposite of what you tell them, and they only learn things they figure out for themselves, not what you show them. If only there were a show that accurately demonstrated how high school students feel about their teachers, good and bad. Sars, I trust you've already turned that last sentence into a link? ["On it, chief." -- Sars] Anyway, she continues to lay into them about how it's just as dangerous as getting into a car with a strange man, ending with an admonishment to never go on the internet again. Yeah, that's going to work really well. Finally, she asks, "The sexual come-ons. Who started them?" The Succubytes are like, "We did." Wow, they really are the Succubytes.

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