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Chapter Thirty-Nine

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The Sanctum by night. Benji comes in and asks to speak to Steven. "I advise you to come back with your union rep." Benji says that'll happen tomorrow, but he wants to talk to Steven privately, and asks how many people know. Even without Cheryl Holt's website, news still whips around Winslow High pretty quick, it seems. Man, I miss Cheryl Holt. Benji says that he received an IM, and did not come onto the girls first, and "she said she was eighteen." That never works, dude! Sure enough, Steven's all, "You come in saying you're ashamed. Now it seems like you're defending yourself." Benji says he would never, ever act on those fantasies, and they were meant to be private, and Steven points out that emailing them to people makes them less private, and furthermore, Benji really ought to come back with his union rep.

Ronnie's place. A knock at the door. She hollers to "Manny" that the door is open, and something about paint samples, while tying a robe around herself. Smart. The door opens, but it's not "Manny," whoever that is -- it's Druggie Bobby, who tells her not to be afraid and says, "If I were going to rob you, I already would have." Um…when, in the three seconds he's been inside? He returns a watch to Ronnie that he took from her car the other night, because he couldn't sell it. He also appears to have been hit in the head, because a gash curves around his eye. She asks what happened to his face. "That dealer I told you about pistol-whipped me." She tells him to stay where he is, and goes to get peroxide and cotton swabs, and cleans his wound. She asks about his brother; apparently he has until tonight to come up with the two grand. "That's why I ran yesterday. That's why I'm here. What they did to my face is nothing. The dealer told me they're gonna skin my little brother alive. I'll pay you back, I swear, I'll go to rehab tomorrow, just please don't let my little brother die. Please." Ronnie looks at him. Sure can't fool Ronnie Cooke.

In the special meeting room, Steven has called a meeting with Harry, Marla, Lauren, and Dick Teachie, on the subject of: "Drugs." He mentions the baseball team's problem, and also that Sylvie Platt's anxiety attack may have had something to do with methamphetamines. He also asks if Harry's incident in the hallway had to do with drugs, and Harry says it was personal, which earns him a look from Lauren. "I'm calling you in here because you seem to be the teachers who are most connected to the student body, and I am open to any ideas." Dick Teachie talks about how there are two issues: the recreational drugs, like E, which he feels they've put out the message about, and the stimulants people use to study and so forth. Lauren agrees that the latter is a big problem, and the same standards should be applied to academics as to sports. "This is way way overdue." Steven says he's going to call an assembly, and have Marla talk. "Oh, I'll talk, but not to the students; I want the parents. I've done enough preaching to the kids, I want the parents." Maybe she heard what I said earlier. Scott looks at Steven, who looks back. I guess they're wondering if they should bring Marla the parents.

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