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Chapter Thirty-Nine

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In the…special meeting room, with Scott and Steven (ooh, time lapse), Union Rep is defending Benji. We recognize him from when he explained to Dick Teachie why he couldn't use the N-word, ever, under any circumstances. Union Rep explains that he doesn't even need to read the emails, because their content is irrelevant: "He didn't use any school computers, or websites, and he believed the girl to be of age." He says that Dr. Harris has committed no infractions, since teachers are allowed to have private lives, and Steven cannot legislate that. "The only thing you'll succeed in doing is generating a lot of bad publicity, and he'll still be teaching chemistry in the morning, only not as effectively because of the scandal. Come on. These are not grounds."

Harry catches up with Ronnie on the staircase, and she admits to Harry that she gave Druggie Bobby the $2000. "You gave him two thousand dollars?" Harry explains that she can't go to the police now, because she'd be incriminating him, which would be his third strike, and she'd be incriminating herself, seeing as she banked a drug deal. He asks her why on earth she did this. "Because I believe his brother might be killed, and I had the means to prevent it, and I don't need the lecture." Harry suggests they go to Bobby's house, to at least see if he's still alive. They plan when to go, and Ronnie tells him she doesn't need the look, either, and walks away. I guess he gave her a look. It's hard to tell while typing.

Benji's room. Marilyn comes in, and apologizes for turning him in. "What's going to happen now?" He says he doesn't know, and then adds, "Marilyn, I thought we were friends." She says that, if she thinks a student is in danger from a teacher, then she has to act, for the student's protection. "Well, you did your job. Onward and upward." She tells him that the Succubytes admitted to her that they were cyber-stalking Benji. "I told that to Steven. Are you okay?" He is incredulous. "Am I okay? The students giggle…when they pass me in the halls, the other teachers. Marilyn, I'm a moral man…" She says she knows, and also she knows that he's intelligent, which makes her wonder why he would do this. "You know, I've never been with a woman. I know that probably comes as no surprise. But you know what? I've never known the feeling of a woman so much as looking at me. Certainly, I've never felt the rush of having anybody attracted to me, so…when this anonymous person came onto me, even on the internet, to have somebody respond to me, the things I was saying, it was a high. It was something that I just wanted to feel. For a little while." Marilyn looks sad. He says, "I know I should have been smarter. But just for a little while, I didn't want to be smarter." He takes off his giant glasses, and pinches his nose. "But, uh. I certainly am now."

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