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Chapter Thirty-One

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Therapy, Both Aquatic and Landbound

Previously on Boston Public: Jeremy threw a plant at Scott's head; Dick Teachie told Talk Time that she's an amazing kid; Talk Time gave Dick Teachie a card.

The Office. Scott and Steven are dishing about Scott's juicy sex life. Apparently, Meredith's hand started twitching and convulsing when they were in bed. "During?" says Steven. Which is a good question; I mean, that thing exerts a thousand pounds of pressure or something, right? But Scott says that they never got to "during." "Maybe it was someone's garage door opener." But Scott suspects that someone tampered with it. Meanwhile, they've arrived at the front desk, where The Exposition Fairy gives them a flyer announcing a contest to promote people wanting to become teachers. A teacher has to give a speech about what teaching means to them, and the winning school gets $250,000 from the state. The Exposition Fairy says Steven should give the speech, but Scott says that the drawing has to be random, and it's funny she didn't know that, since she's the one who gave them the flyer. The contest is coming up really soon, so Scott wonders why they just got it today. "I've been microwaving the mail. It just got a little backed up." See, because of the anthrax that people were still afraid of when they wrote this episode…two months ago. Just then, a parent comes in, wanting to speak to Steven privately in his office. She's Talk Time's mother, and she doesn't look happy.

Sanctum Stevenorium. Scott flanks Steven, as they ask Mother Time how they can help her. She asks about Dick Teachie, and Steven says that's one of Talk Time's teachers. "Oh, he's much more than that. I believe he and my daughter are" -- Oh. God. No. Don't say it. We were doing so good. Almost the whole season so far without -- "having an affair." NooOOOOooooOOOOOooooo! "That can't be," says Steven. Word. I mean, if they're really having an affair, we've done that (Milton and Shakes-Greer). And if they're not really having an affair but get accused of it, due to a tell-tale diary, let's say, we've done that too (Isosce-lita). And if she just has an unrequited crush, well, we've done that (Lauren and John LaBlonde; Harry and Dana Poole). Nevertheless, Land Before Time says she's as sure as a mother can be without catching them in the act. So, not totally sure, then?

Awww, yeah, Boston Harbor in da hizzouse, boyeeee!

Marilyn's class. She's teaching her class about ways of communicating. "Up 'til now, we've focused on the written and spoken word." Yeah, funny how that works in English class. Good to see that they've going to branch out into other forms of communication instead of, oh, studying literature. Anyway, she asks them what other kinds of communication there are. Someone says a look, a touch. Jeremy comes up with music and dance. That is so gay. Some girl says, "Photography. Don't they say that a picture is worth a thousand words?" Marilyn seizes on this one, and says it leads them to their assignment, which is "to write a twelve-thousand-word paper." Nobody gets it. They all groan. So she takes out a bag of disposable cameras and passes them out, at which point they realize that all they have to do is take twelve pictures. They all get happy, and are like, yay, less work. Then they'll all have to share pictures with the class.

Dick Teachie's room. As a class leaves, Steven comes in. "You usually don't just drop in unless I'm in trouble." Well said. Steven gets right to the point, and says that Time Is On My Side believes that Teachie and Daughter Time are having an affair. Dick Teachie's all: Buh, guh, huh? But Steven says that he's noted that they spend a lot of Time together outside of school, and that he's been fooled in the past, and ignored a mother's intuition. I guess he refers to one of the many episodes they're ripping off. Dick Teachie says that Talk Time helps him with charity work, and "it's personal, on my personal time." Steven presses him. "I work with kids. Debbie helps." Steven wants to know why Talk Time would be afraid to just tell that to A Time To Kill. Teachie says he doesn't know.

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