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Chapter Thirty-Seven

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Dick Teachie's room. But what's this? Steven comes in to teach the class! What's next!? This is craaaazy! Anyway, he tells them that Dick Teachie is not fired, and they clap, and also that he himself is their substitute teacher today. "Who here has read the book?" Everybody raises their hands. "Good. That's very good. You can't be included in a discussion unless you know the material." That's such a typical principal-suddenly-teaching-class thing to say: something so general and banal that it's embarrassing for the students to have to hear it. Then he asks what the students think, and we go to the obligatory montage:

Students talk, and nod, and look at one another, gesturing; Steven folds his arms and nods; Andre stares at Steven with respect.

Sanctum. Chi McBride sits on Steven's desk, but we know he's playing himself because he's wearing a leather jacket, which Steven never would. "Hi. I'm Chi McBride. There are no easy answers to the issues raised in the episode you just saw. Join us for an online chat at" I wonder how that went. Anybody go?

In two weeks: Marla finds some girl freaking out in the stairwell; Harmony plays a girl who wins a magazine contest and poses in sexy outfits in the girls' locker room; some girl accuses The Hook Lady of hitting her and the Hook Lady denies it.

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