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Chapter Thirty-Six

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Friends don't let friends sue the drunk drivers who killed their friends

Previously on Boston Public: Dick Teachie helped kids with cerebral palsy to swim; Harry had two kids have a fistfight; Ronnie listed all the weird things Harry has done, and he insisted that he makes decisions case by case; Lauren told Ronnie why Zack's parents don't want him on Ritalin; Ronnie tried to talk to Zack, who was too tweaked from ADD to even talk to her.

Zack runs through Delineation Alley in the early evening. Ronnie flags him down, and he says he really needs to get home. "I'm sorry I was running. I promise I'll walk. What?" She regards him suspiciously, and asks if he's still on his medication. He says, "Yes, I'm still on Ritalin, as dead as it makes me." "It makes you dead?" "No, I've been doing quite fine you'll be pleased to hear." Guh? Is a side effect of Ritalin contradicting yourself immediately? Anyway, Zack says he's running because he has a date, and he needs to get home and change, or she'll think he stood her up. Ronnie gives him permission to run, and he runs off.

Elsewhere, DaveKelley's Child sings that "I Say A Little Prayer For You" song.

On the streets of Boston that night, emergency crews hose down the scene of a massive car accident. Sirens blare. Smoke billows. Steven pulls up and gets out of his car. A cop tells him that "the victims we could identify had student IDs." Steven asks how many students, and the cop tells him seven. Steven flips through IDs, and stops on one, stunned: "This is a friend of my daughter's! They were together!" He tries to barrel into the scene of the accident, but the cops stop him and advise that he try calling his daughter before he freaks out in any way. He pulls out a cell phone, and does just that. After many many rings, Brooke answers the phone. He more or less hangs up on her as soon as he confirms that she's not dead. Then he sits down on the rear bumper of a fire truck, and breathes, half-sobbing, half-panting. A mixture of relief and terror. Good job, Chi McBride.

Sanctum Stevenorium. Steven is telling Scott that, of the seven dead kids, three were from Winslow, and that the driver of the SUV that caused the accident had some astronomical blood alcohol level. Scott says, "I'll schedule the assembly, then I'll brief Bob Lick." Steven tells Scott that one of the students was a good friend of Brooke's, and that Brooke is devastated. Marla comes in, apparently because Steven needs her to cover a Calculus class for which the teacher is out sick. She protests, as do all the viewers who wonder what qualifies Marla to teach Calculus. She also points out that "The Hook…" Then, off Scott's look, "Meredith Peters is in that class. Can't she…" But Steven revives the heretofore ailing premise that Meredith needs to be supervised in the classroom, and orders Marla to do just that. "I do not want to be in a class with that…subject matter." Heh. Steven won't budge, so Marla relents and goes, at which point Scott's all, "Meredith can handle a class on her own." Steven says someday, but not yet.

YMCA. Dick Teachie is helping Hunter, Master of Deceit, to swim around. He asks another helping person where Talk Time is, and is told that she never showed. He swims to the edge of the pool, terrified for the time being, but then spots Talk Time coming in. She apologizes, and says she thought she'd be on time, and he says that for a minute he thought…and so did we. That was actually a pretty good fake-out, as we went through the same emotions Teachie just did. Not that it adds up to anything later; it's kind of a throwaway.

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