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Chapter Thirty-Three

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The Great Debate

Previously on Boston Public: Harry made students box each other; Scott disapproved of his methods; Ronnie listed everything Harry has ever done and asked if he sensed a pattern, and he said he doesn't go by patterns, it's case-by-case; Steven and Brooke talked about the questionable wisdom of her attending Winslow, and he asserted that it would help him really be a father.

Nighttime in Delineation Alley. A lone janitor polishes the floor. Dick Teachie strides along on his way out, and runs into Ronnie, who is there late because she's got her teacher certification test coming up. Because that's probably important at this school. Teachie's there late because he's preparing a ceremony for the cerebral palsy kids. They head out into the parking lot, and spot a parked car with music blaring and fogged windows that is more or less bouncing up and down. Teachie's says that this can only mean "someone is studying for a test." Ha ha. Not. He heads over to the car to open the door, and Ronnie makes the salient point that this is a strange -- nay, crazy -- thing to do. But she doesn't try too hard to stop him, so I guess she's curious too. They open the door, and inside is The Harper Image, making out with some guy. She screams at them, slams the door, and the car speeds away. "That was Brooke. Brooke Harper. That might have been a serious oops on my part." Yeah, because just throwing open the door of a random car to get a look at student making out is not a serious oops on its own. But, man, if it's the principal's daughter: Oopsathon 2002.

The second unit director lets us know that it's still winter in Boston, and that students are walking between classes.

Dick Teachie's room. As he prepares the blackboard for another scintillating lesson, Brooke enters. She tells him she could get him fired for breaking into cars. I'm glad somebody said it, though he didn't really break in. It wasn't locked, and people were inside, but still: big oops. Teachie counters that he's got some info of his own that could make Steven "hit the ceiling." He threatens to "reveal to a man with whom I have a friendship that I caught his daughter in what some might call a 'compromising' position." He makes the quote marks around "compromising" with his hands. She reminds him that messengers get shot, and he's all, "You comin' in here with threats, Brooke?" 'Cause he's the only one who gets to threaten people in this classroom. Anyway, blah blah, she calms down and asks if he'll tell, and he says probably not, so she goes away.

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