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Chapter Thirty-Two

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Harvey's lost the fire

Previously on Boston Public: Scott told Steven that he was in love with Lauren Davis; Harvey gave the best speech of all time about bombing people, and qualified for the state finals of giving speeches about teaching; Scott bought The Fake Hand Lady a fake hand, and she said she was beginning to love him.

Teacher's lounge. In which an historic event is about to take place. That's right. Harry Senate and Lauren Davis are going to talk to each other. He comes in. He starts to make himself some coffee -- you know, minding his own Harry-business and whatnot, pretty sure nobody in the scene is going to address him. But then! Lauren says, "Harry, do you like the symphony?" He says no. Turns out she has an extra ticket, and he asks if she needs someone to go with, and she's all, no, she'll find someone, because he ruined it already by admitting that he doesn't like the symphony. Anyway, he says he'll go if she can't find anybody else, and takes off. Wow. I feel…somehow whole again. Then, Scott comes in. "Hey, Lauren." "Hey, Scott." Then she says, "Pensive pause." Then she tells Scott about the tickets, and he says he'll think about it. Two and a third seconds later, he says, "I would love to go." "Great!" "Great!" See, at least now they're ripping off the first scene with its own characters.

Delineation Alley. Scott and Steven stride along together. Not spying The Exposition Fairy anywhere, Scott brings us up to speed on the speech-giving story. "We cannot under any circumstances let Harvey Lipschultz represent us in the state finals." "He qualified." "By default. It's not fair to the other teachers." Then Steven says, "Look, I'm the principal of this school. My name is Steven Harper and I'm a big black man. I'm divorced, and I have a daughter, and I'm trying to reconcile my family. In light of that, Scott, how can we not let Harvey speak?" Kidding. But, um, really, it would fit right in with the rest of this. Anyway, Steven leaves, and Scott runs into The Fake Hand Lady, who tells him that this Friday is their three-month anniversary. Because now this is an episode of Three's Company. She wants to make him dinner, and maybe a little dessert, if -- it sounds like "if my hand cooperates." Ew. But he tells her about his date with Lauren Davis. "It's not a date," he says. "Perhaps I can come over after the symphony." "Perhaps," she says, "perhaps not." Brrrr.

The Stairwell of…Ugh-Agh-Oh-Ohh-Ooh-Agh-Egh-Ooooh. That's the sound of a girl falling down the stairs. The guy from Grosse Pointe, who has been on the show so many times he needs a nickname now, comes down after her. What shall we call him? Well, he is a bit of druggie, is he not? The answer is obvious. "Melissa?" says Tokes Joint. "Melissa, are you all right?" Because the Un-geon is at the bottom of the stairs, though it's not the Dungeon, Ronnie comes running out and asks what happened. Tokes Joint says he doesn't know, that "she just…kinda…" Melissa interrupts and says that she tripped. She insists it so strenuously that we know she must be lying.

In the music room, Marla is leading Winslow High's gospel choir. Everyone is clapping and dancing, moved by their belief in God and the power in love. Dick Teachie comes in and tells them all to shut up. No, but he does say that four of the kids are now late for his class, and then he asks to talk to Marla for a second.

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