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Chapter Thirty-Two

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Harvey's lost the fire

In the hall, he's all, "Far as I know, but you can tell me if I'm wrong, but teachers aren't allowed to participate in student Bible sessions, am I wrong?" Marla says, "I was just helping them with their music." Um, their Bible music? With which you were helping them without participating? I see. Then she accuses Dick Teachie of being "that 'A' word" -- that is, an atheist. He says that he's not an atheist and that, in any case, that's beside the point, which it is. Blah blah blah are you giving me attitude, no you're giving me atti….zzzzzzzzz…

Lauren's room. Steven is there. She's saying to him, "Maybe we shouldn't let him speak. He is representing Winslow High…" Okay, is this not the EIGHTH TIME SOMEONE HAS SAID EXACTLY THAT!? But, in this case, it's nothing more than a set-up for her to say, "I'm with Scott on this one." How is this set-up needed? Because, just then, The Fake Hand Lady comes in and says, "Oh, you're with Scott. How nice." Then she asks Steven if he's done, because she'd like to speak to Ms. Davis alone. "Oh, I'm done. But I'd like to stay." I guess he's hoping for one of those catfights where they rip each other's clothes off. But then he leaves. "I'm not comfortable with you inviting Scott Guber to the symphony. I don't think it's appropriate." The Lady says she doesn't feel right telling Scott what to do (BWA HA HA!) so, instead, she's telling Lauren to change her mind. "Or what, you'll bring your hook out of retirement?" The Raised Eyebrow Lady raises her eyebrow. Lauren widens her eyes.

Delineation Alley. Tokes Joint flags down Ronnie. "Is, uh, Melissa, like, okay?" Ronnie says she seems to just have a sprained wrist. But Tokes Joint doesn't go away, and she asks him if there was something else, and he says, "You remember when Melissa said that she tripped? That's not exactly what happened." He describes how Olympic divers stand on the edge of the board, psyching themselves up to dive, and says that's how Melissa looked. "She was just, like, standing at the edge of the stair, like, like…psyching herself." And then, she jumped, "like…like…on purpose." Ronnie looks troubled, but I'll bet Tokes Joint is relieved to have gotten this off his chest so he can sink back into a drug-induced stupor.

Harvey's room. Steven comes in. Harvey quickly takes something out of his mouth and hides it. Steven demands to see what it was. Harvey shows him. It's marbles. "Marbles?" "It's supposed to improve my diction. Cicero improved his diction by holding marbles in his mouth." Steven points out that Cicero actually practiced speaking with the marbles in his mouth, and it doesn't help if you just silently hold them. Heh. I guess Steven had a Latin teacher who talked like he knew Homer. No, I will never let David Kelley forget that speech. Anyway, Steven says, "Harvey. I didn't like the speech you gave at the regional competition. I found it offensive." Harvey says that he qualified for the finals, and Steven explains the whole eight-slots-but-only-seven-entries situation. Then he says, "It would be irresponsible of me as a principal to let you speak." And, surprisingly, he uses this as a basis for preventing Harvey from speaking. Steven leaves. Harvey looks sad, or confused, or bored, or something.

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