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Chapter Thirty-Two

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The Stairwell Of Deep Conversations. Actually, we're in the hallway with Ronnie, but she's looking over at the Stairwell, and sees Mel-ita having a semi-whispered argument with a guy who is presumably her boyfriend. Something about "if you love me you won't say anything." And "this is so typical, I feel like you don't even care about me." Ronnie thinks this is a good conversation to go get involved in, so she goes over and asks Mel-ita how she's doing, back already, blah dee blah. Mel-ita says she's fine, her wrist is a little sore, and that it's nice that Ronnie keeps checking on her, but she'll be fine. Hmmm. A student asking for her personal life to be kept private when a teacher starts snooping around? Sounds like it's time to delve deeper and even more inappropriately, and violate that trust! After Mel-ita is gone, Ronnie grabs the boyfriend and says she needs to talk to him.

In the Un-geon, she's talking to him. He seems reluctant. "I'm concerned she tried to hurt herself. Does she seem okay with having this baby?" He says she seems very okay, and that it's not really his business anyway. Ronnie gets all self-righteous: "If you fathered this baby, it sort of becomes your business!" But then he says that it's not his baby. This response opens a gap for Ronnie between expectation and result, sending her mind rushing back in time for insight, so that…sorry, I've been reading Robert McKee. Anyway, she's all, buh guh huh? "We've never even had sex," says the boyfriend. Then Ronnie says, "Do you know who the father is?" And THEN she says, "I don't mean to be nosey." He says Mel-ita won't tell him who the father is, but he's obviously being all cagey, so finally Ronnie gets it out of him: he once overheard Mel-ita's dad saying, protectively, "It's my child, and I'm not going to let anything happen to it!" Mel-ita tried to play that off, like her dad just talks that way, but the boyfriend doesn't believe her: "I think Melissa's dad is the father of the baby." Uh-oh. "Mel-incest," anyone?

Marla continues to lead the gospel choir in holy praise of almighty powers and so forth. Landon is there, letting the miracle into his heart, or whatever. Dick Teachie comes in, glares around, and leaves.

Locker room. Mel-incest is clearing out her locker, I guess 'cause she's going to continuation school. Ronnie comes in, because she doesn't mean to be nosey, and says some stuff about how the volleyball team is going to miss her, blah blah. Then, because she isn't nosey, she's all, "Who's the father?" Mel-incest says that's none of Ronnie's business, and asks to be left alone. So Ronnie comes closer: "You don't want this baby, do you? That's why you fell down the stairs, you were hoping you'd miscarry." Mel-incest insists that her boyfriend is the father, but Ronnie's one step ahead, of course, and gets all, "You can talk to me or you can talk to social services." Then she drops the bombshell: "I think your father may be the father of your baby." Mel-incest doesn't so much deny it as she gets all weepy and say, "People won't understand." "Did he tell you that?" "You won't understand." Then she leaves.

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