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Chapter Thirty-Two

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Harvey's lost the fire

Harvey's room. Marla is trying to convince Harvey to give the speech. Does that sound backwards? Well it is! See, what happened is, Harvey decided that his speech is bad. But Marla gives him a big pep talk about how now, instead of proving something to everybody else, he needs to prove something to himself. He says something about how his head is empty, so that she can say, "Speak from your heart, Harvey. Speak from your heart."

Special meeting room. Mel-incest, her parents, Steven, and Ronnie are there. Apparently, the dad has been giving Steven the runaround for a while, because when he says, "This is none of your business," Steven says, "That's the fourth time you've said that. I'll ask again: is your daughter carrying your child." So, finally, we get the answer, variously, from members of the very. Close. Family: "She's carrying our child. Pauline's and mine. My wife has lupus. She needs a kidney transplant. Melissa offered one of her kidneys. We tested it for a match but it still wasn't perfect. We thought if we had another child, we could get the match we wanted. Unfortunately, because of the lupus, Pauline could die if she got pregnant and tried to give birth." "So you got your daughter pregnant instead?" "We harvested eggs from Pauline, and fertilized them with my sperm. We had them tested to see which one would provide the best match, and then we had that one implanted in Pauline." A question that arises for me here is, why didn't they implant the egg in some other surrogate mother? Even if they used their daughter to avoid the problems you can run into (with the surrogate not wanting to give up the baby, et cetera), what doctor implanted the embryo into a teenage girl? And what the hell should her nickname be now? Mel-implant? Mel-urrogate? Mel-est-tube? This is a tough one. Anyway, Ronnie deems this child abuse. The parents counter that Mel-whatever wants to do this, and Ronnie points out that she took a flying leap off a stairwell. They say they're getting her therapy. Ronnie says…blah blah blah. Basically, Ronnie is appalled, and says she'll contact social services. "You're her parents! You're supposed to take care of her! It isn't her responsibility to make this kind of sacrifice for you!" Her parents insist again that Mel-whatever wants to do this, and Ronnie's all, "What is she supposed to say, 'No, I don't want my mother to be healthy, I want her to suffer'?" Dad is all, "I think it's in any daughter's best interests. That her mother should live." Nothing is really resolved.

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