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Chapter Thirty-Two

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Harvey's lost the fire

Delineation Alley. Scott tells Lauren he can't go to the symphony with her: "While I am loath to give in to Meredith's unreasonable paranoia, well…truth be told, I'm afraid it could severely undermine our relationship. I just…" Then he spots Meredith, glaring at them from down the hall. He follows her into her room.

In Meredith's room (and I still don't remember when she became a full-fledged teacher rather than just an assistant), he confronts her: "I was embarrassed to cancel on Lauren on the day of the concert, but I did it." He also says that he doesn't want to continue to indulge her tendency towards "behavioral aberrance." She says, "Get. Out." He says, "No, I will not get out, I will stand here and discuss this to my satisfaction, if not yours." I bet he says that to all the girls. Anyway, he wants to know why she's jealous, and she says, obviously, that it's because he used to have a crush on Lauren, and may still, and he asks when he can stop having to prove his affection for her. She points out, "The most you've ever said is that you're extremely fond of me!" She reminds him of the time that he gave her the hand, and she told him she loved him: "You said: nothing." He replies, kind of lamely, "I held you. We danced." Oh, if only they were satisfied with that, Scott, we'd all be in less trouble. But chicks, man, they need to, like, hear you say stuff -- right, Sars? ["Depends on the chick. This chick don't dance. Your mileage may vary." -- Sars] "I'm an amputee, Scott. Right or wrong, some insecurities go with that. Lauren Davis is a beautiful younger woman, who…you once told me, you always thought you'd marry a woman who played the piano. I'll never play a piano with this, Scott. But…you're fond of me. That's nice to know." Ouch. You know, Kathy Baker is one hell of an actress. I mean, I just realized that I don't even see her acting. I don't differentiate her from the character at all. If I met her, and she was at all normal, I'd be shocked. That, my friends, is talent. The talent to "act," as it were, like a certain "character."

Sanctum Stevenorium. Dick Teachie is having a seat. "Have a seat." Teachie starts to talk about religion in school, and Steven's all, "Not only is that on old issue, Danny, it's a relatively boring one." THANK YOU! Now I don't have to recap the rest of this scene. Basically: Steven thinks something more is going on, because Teachie's reaction seems excessive. Teachie admits, "I think I'm losing my way a little, with how to help these kids…I see them looking to me for answers, and like I said, they wanna talk about God now, and it's like…I'm not equipped, Steven. I feel like all I can do is shrug, and say, 'I don't know, I don't know.' And that I'm scared, too." Steven says that he once had a Latin teacher who talked like he knew Socrates, and Socrates said that admitting you know nothing is the beginning of wisdom. Actually, no, but Steven does say, "I think it's okay if you do that." But Teachie begs to differ. He thinks the kids "need to look at their parents and their teachers, and see that someone's in control a little." Teachie says that he feels selfish about teaching, because it's about feeling like he's making things better for the kids, but lately he feels like he can't give them anything, and that they have to deal, but "when I hear them carrying on about God I feel like they're not dealing. They're not dealing with it." Steven says it's okay to show his fear, because it might help them talk about theirs. "It's just…I feel like I'm stealing your money lately." Heh. Steven says don't worry about it, and invites Teachie to help him confront his greatest fear: "Let's go hear Harvey give a speech."

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