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Chapter Thirty-Two

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Harvey's lost the fire

Harvey sits in his room, grading papers, under an American flag. Steven comes in: "Good speech, Harvey. You finished third." "Did more than three enter?" Heh. "A lot of teachers entered. You did great. And Harvey? You made us all very proud." Harvey smiles, and goes back to actually reading his papers.

Vice-Office. Scott is working late and listening to classical music, instead of seeing live music next to a young and beautiful woman. The Not-Cooking Lady comes in and says, "I ended up not cooking. You want to go out, get something to eat?" He says sure, and she turns to go, but he stops her. "I'm not good with expressing my feelings. I have trouble even knowing what they are, which is why I'm in therapy, but…the idea of loving you horrifies me. I think you have demons. You're a psychologically battered woman, your relationship with your son often reminds me of Norman Bates, and the anger you feel over losing your hand may, eventually, take you over. Given the choice, I would not love you. But seemingly that choice has been taken away from me, Meredith, because I find myself loving you very much." She's all, "You make it sound like I should offer you my sympathies." He repeats that he loves her, and she asks for a moment to let it sink in. They stand, silent. He smiles at her. The music starts again. They stand.

Next week: Harry pits his Dungeon kids against Scott's debate team; Teachie and Ronnie discover Brooke making out in a car; Steven finds out she's dating a much older man and flips out.

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